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    اکانت دانشگاه Queensland استرالیا با دسترسی عالی به منابع علمی معتبر خارجی برای دانلود رایگان مقالات، کتب، پایان نامه ها و استانداردها
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    بخشی از دیتابیس ها:
    17th-18th century Burney collection newspapers (aka "Burney collection of newspapers", "Seventeenth and eighteenth century Burney collection newspapers") English news media database featuring the newspapers, news-books, news pamphlets, ephemera and other early forms of newspapers gathered by the Reverend Charles Burney (1757-1817). The titles range in date from 1603 to the early 1800s. There are over 1270 titles most of which were published mostly in London; however there are also some English provincial, Irish and Scottish papers, and a few examples from the American colonies, India and Europe Coverage: approximately 1600-1800 Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students; walk-in users. [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] 18th Century collections online (aka "Eighteenth century collections online", "ECCO") A digital edition of The Eighteenth Century microfilm set, which has aimed to include every significant English-language and foreign-language title printed in the United Kingdom, along with thousands of important works from the Americas, between 1701 and 1800. Consists of books, pamphlets, broadsides, ephemera. Subject categories include history and geography; fine arts and social sciences; medicine, science, and technology; literature and language; religion and philosophy; law; general reference. Also included are significant collections of women writers of the eighteenth century, collections on the French Revolution, and numerous eighteenth-century editions of the works of Shakespeare. Where they add scholarly value or contain important differences, multiple editions of each individual work are offered Coverage: 1701-1800 Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students; walk-in users. [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] 18th century drama (aka "Eighteenth century drama : censorship, society and the stage", "Censorship, society and the stage") "Eighteenth Century Drama features the John Larpent Collection from the Huntington Library, a unique archive of almost every play submitted for licence between 1737 and 1824, as well as hundreds of documents that provide social context for the plays. Explore the Larpent plays, papers of prominent theatrical figures of the period, including correspondence, financial documents, and portraits. Cross-reference this with essential searchable databases created from information in The London Stage 1729-1800 and A Biographical Dictionary of Actors, Actresses, Musicians, Dancers, Managers & Other Stage Personnel in London, 1660-1800" -- Nature and scope Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students; walk-in users [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] 18th century journals (aka "Eighteenth century journals") This resource offers access to Collections I, II III and IV of Eighteenth Century Journals, a collection of newspapers and periodicals from c1685-1815 Collection I contains material from the Hope Collection at the Bodleian Library, Oxford, including 95 journals printed between 1693 and 1799, combining major publications with more ephemeral works Collection II is based on the holdings of the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center at the University of Texas, Austin, which contains a collection of rare 17th and 18th century British periodicals Collection III materials are drawn from two sources: the British Newspaper Library at Colindale, London and Cambridge University Library, focusing on journals published outside London. Includes Canadian, Caribbean and Indian journals as well as a number of Irish journals and British provincial publications Collection IV consists of material sourced primarily from Chetham's Library in Manchester, supplemented by a selection of periodicals, many European, from the Brotherton Library, University of Leeds Collection V consists of the The Lady's Magazine and other titles, 1712-1835, from Birmingham Central Library, British Library, Cambridge University Library and Liverpool John Moores University Library Coverage: 1685-1835 Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students; walk-in users [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] 19th century British Library newspapers (aka "British Library newspapers", "Nineteenth century British Library newspapers") British Library Newspapers is a comprehensive digital historic newspaper archive. It provides access to historic newspapers, newsbooks, ephemera and national & regional papers from British Isles. This interface searches: British Library Newspapers, Part 1-5 : 1732-1950 Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students; walk-in users. [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] 19th century English-language journals from the Far East This collection provides researchers with six rare English-language journals, five of which were founded by Western missionaries in the Far East in the 19th century, covering a wide range of topics such as East-West communication, Christianity in China and other parts of Asia, and China's political, economic, and cultural landscape Coverage: 1817-1901 Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students; walk-in users. [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] 19th century short title catalogue (aka "Nineteenth-century short title catalogue : NSTC", "NSTC") A union catalogue of all books in English in eight British and U.S. Libraries (British Library, Bodleian Library, Cambridge University Library, National Library of Scotland, Trinity College (Dublin), Newcastle University Library, Harvard University Library, and the Library of Congress). Indexed by author, title, subject, series, publisher, place of publication, country, date, language, location, classification and reference number Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] 19th century UK periodicals (aka "Nineteenth century UK periodicals") 19th Century UK Periodicals is a database using content from the British Library, the National Library of Scotland, the National Library of Australia, and other sources, to make available digitised versions of key 19th Century UK Periodicals. Series 1, New readerships, focuses on the subject areas of women, children, humour and leisure/sport. Series 2, Empire, focuses on travel and anthropology, economics, missionaries and colonialism Coverage: 1800-1900 Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students; walk-in users. [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] 20th century religious thought (aka "Twentieth century religious thought") Twentieth Century Religious Thought is a multivolume, cross-searchable online collection that brings together the seminal works and archival materials related to key worldwide religious thinkers, from the early 1900s until the turn of the 21st century Contents: v.1 Christianity Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students; walk-in users [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] A&HCI (Updated weekly) (aka "Arts and humanities citation index") A multidisciplinary index covering the journal literature of the arts and humanities. It fully covers a large number of the world's leading arts and humanities journals, and it indexes individually selected, relevant items from major science and social science journals Coverage as of Sept. 20, 2007: 1975 to the present Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students; walk-in users [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] A+ education (Updated monthly) (aka "Australian education index") An indexing and full text database that provides online access to the scanned images of journal articles from published material on all aspects of education. It includes all the journal indexing from the Australian Education Index (AEI) database, which is produced by the Cunningham Library at the Australian Council for Educational Research Coverage: fulltext 2000- ; index 1978- Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students; walk-in users [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] AATD (updated monthly) (aka "ACCOUNT", "Australian accounting and taxation database") ACCOUNT, formerly called Australian Accounting & Taxation Database (AATD), is prepared by the Institute of Chartered Accountants. It contains abstracts of published material sourced from leading journals and magazines, in addition to the Institute's own publications and conference papers, plus the Taxation Institute of Australia conference papers. Subject coverage includes accounting, auditing, taxation, insolvency, corporations law, superannuation, retirement planning, financial planning, practice management and human resources Coverage: 1990- Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students; walk-in users [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] ABI/INFORM collection (Updated daily) Worldwide business periodicals for information on advertising, marketing, economics, human resources, finance, taxation, computers, and companies. Database comprises ABI/INFORM Global, ABI/INFORM Trade and Industry, and ABI/INFORM Dateline. It also includes ABI/INFORM Archive. Full text for certain publications is subject to market availability Coverage: 1855- Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] ABM (Updated monthly) (aka "ARTbibliographies modern (ABM)", "ART bibliographies modern") ARTbibliographies Modern (ABM) provides full abstracts of journal articles, books, essays, exhibition catalogs, PhD dissertations, and exhibition reviews on all forms of modern and contemporary art. It contains sources of information on modern and contemporary arts dating from the late 19th century onwards, including photography since its invention. It includes abstracts of English and foreign-language material on famous and lesser-known artists, movements, and trends. The coverage includes performance art and installation works, video art, computer and electronic art, body art, graffiti, artist's books, theatre arts, conservation, crafts, ceramic and glass art, ethnic arts, graphic and museum design, fashion, and calligraphy, as well as traditional media including illustration, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and drawing Coverage: From late 19th century onwards1960s Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health bibliography (updated 3 times per annum) (aka "ATSIhealth", "ATSI health") Indexes published and unpublished material on Australian Indigenous health. The records provided are not exhaustive and relate generally to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health status rather than the social, historical, political or monetary aspects Coverage: 1900 to present Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students; walk-in users [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] Abstracts of music literature (Updated monthly) (aka "RILM abstracts of music literature") RILM Abstracts of Music Literature (RILM), produced by the Repertoire International de Litterature Musicale, is an international guide to writings about music. Coverage includes all types and aspects of music and music literature, including historical musicology, ethnomusicology, instruments and voice, dance, and music therapy Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students; walk-in users. [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] AccessMedicine (aka "McGraw Hill AccessMedicine") AccessMedicine is an online resource that provides students, and researchers with a variety of resources including videos, self-assessment, and medical textbooks that facilitate decision-making at the point-of-care Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] AccessPharmacy (aka "McGraw Hill AccessPharmacy") AccessPharmacy from McGraw-Hill is an online curricular resource designed to meet the demands of pharmacy education. A flexible resource, AccessPharmacy allows students to select a core curriculum topic, browse by organ system, review textbooks, or search across leading pharmacy online references Coverage: 2013- Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students [Concurrent user limit: 10] ACCOUNT (updated monthly) (aka "AATD", "Australian accounting and taxation database") ACCOUNT, formerly called Australian Accounting & Taxation Database (AATD), is prepared by the Institute of Chartered Accountants. It contains abstracts of published material sourced from leading journals and magazines, in addition to the Institute's own publications and conference papers, plus the Taxation Institute of Australia conference papers. Subject coverage includes accounting, auditing, taxation, insolvency, corporations law, superannuation, retirement planning, financial planning, practice management and human resources Coverage: 1990- Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students; walk-in users [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] Acland's video atlas of human anatomy The Video Atlas was originally intended to be used by individual medical and dental students. Because of its realism, simple language, and three-dimensional quality, the Video Atlas is also useful for students and teachers in many other fields and also for people not on a professional learning path who are looking for information about human anatomy Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] ACLS humanities e-book (aka "American Council of Learned Societies humanities e-book") Humanities E-Book is a digital collection of full-text titles offered by the ACLS in collaboration with learned societies, contributing publishers, and librarians at the University of Michigan's Scholarly Publishing Office. The result is an online, fully searchable collection of books in the humanities, recommended and reviewed by scholars Coverage: 1857- Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] ACM digital library publications A searchable resource containing bibliographic information, citations, and full-text articles from magazines, journals, and conference proceedings, transactions, newsletters and affiliated publications Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students; walk-in users [Concurrent user limit: 3] Acta Sanctorum database (aka "Chadwyck Acta Sanctorum") This is an electronic version of the complete printed text of Acta Sanctorum, from the edition published in 68 volumes by the Societe des Bollandistes in Antwerp and Brussels. It is a collection of documents examining the lives of saints, organised according to each saint's feast day, and runs from the two January volumes published in 1643 to the Propylaeum published in 1940 1643-1940 Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] Acumen : practice advice for architects Acumen aims to provide architects with the most relevant and up-to-date advisory material and news about managing an architectural practice and managing architectural projects Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] AED (Bi-Annually) (aka "Australasian education directory (AED)") AED, produced by the Australian Council of Education Research (ACER), is a guide to educational institutions and related organisations. It covers organisations in Australia and New Zealand and includes a subject index for associations Database coverage: 2003 to present Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students; walk-in users [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] AEI : Australian education index. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander subset / ATSIS : AEI. Australian education index. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander subset (Updated biannually) (aka "Australian education index. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander subset") Indexes and abstracts articles from published material at all levels of education and training relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples Coverage: 1978- Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students; walk-in users [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] AEM : arts and entertainment management Although not updated since Dec 2000, AEM (Arts & Entertainment Management) covers financial, legal and strategic management relating to arts and entertainment. Other subjects covered include marketing, funding, project/venue planning and cultural planning Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students; walk-in users [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] AESIS (No longer updated) (aka "Australia's national geoscience, minerals and petroleum reference database") AESIS is a reference database covering both published and unpublished Australian geoscience, minerals and petroleum literature. It was developed by the Australian Mineral Foundation in cooperation with Geoscience Australia Coverage: 1975-2001 Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students; walk-in users [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] AFPD (Updated monthly) (aka "Australian Federal Police digest") AFPD indexes and abstracts articles from selected Australian and overseas journals, conference papers and chapters of some books. The database aims to support the information needs of personnel involved in Federal law enforcement and community policing as well as providing a resource to the broader community Coverage: 1991- Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students; walk-in users [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] AGIS plus text (Updated monthly) (aka "Attorney-General's information service") Provides access to articles from legal journals from Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region indexed in the Commonwealth Attorney-General's Information Service (AGIS) database. Indexes and abstracts articles from Australian, New Zealand and Pacific law journals, and selectively indexes and abstracts articles from major law journals from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom Coverage: Index: 1975- ; fulltext: 1999- Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students; walk-in users [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] AGIS-ATSIS (Updated biannually) (aka "Attorney-General's information service - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander subset") Indexes and abstracts articles from over 120 Australian, New Zealand and Pacific law journals that relate specifically to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students; walk-in users [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] Agriculture and natural resources research (No longer updated) (aka "ANR Research") A research in progress database that describes current and recently completed research projects across the agriculture and natural resources areas including sustainable Australian agriculture, food, forestry and fisheries industries and the promotion of conservation and sustainable use of Australia's environment, water and natural resources. Supersedes: ARRIP (Australian rural research in progress) Coverage: 2000-2007 Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students; walk-in users [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] Agriculture and natural resources research archive (No longer updated) (aka "ANR-Research archive") ANR-Research Archive (formerly known as CARRP), an Australian government initiative produced by Infoscan, is a research in progress database that contains completed research projects from the ANR-Research database) across the agriculture and natural resources areas including sustainable Australian agriculture, food, forestry and fisheries industries and the promotion of conservation and sustainable use of Australia's environment, water and natural resources Coverage: 1984-2007 Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students; walk-in users [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] AHB (Updated quarterly) (aka "Australian heritage bibliography") Indexes and abstracts articles from material on Australia's natural and cultural environment. Includes reports written or commissioned by government and non-government heritage agencies. Subject coverage includes national parks; endangered species; coasts; forests; wetlands; rivers; geological features; wilderness areas; world heritage sites; aboriginal rock art sites, ceremonial grounds and sacred sites; important historical and archaeological sites, and historic buildings and structures; and historic towns and precincts Coverage: 1987- Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students; walk-in users [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] AHB-ATSIS (Updated biannually) (aka "Australian heritage bibliography - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander subset") AHB-ATSIS indexes and abstracts articles from published and unpublished material on Australia's natural and cultural environment as it relates to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples Coverage: 1987- Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students; walk-in users [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] AHRR (aka "Australian historic records register") A list of paper-based records held in private hands in Australia, dating from settlement to 1988. Source documents include letters, diaries, photographs, financial records, posters, sketches, recipe books, catalogues, minute books, registers and other material Coverage 1788-1988 Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students; walk-in users [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] AIATSIS : Indigenous studies bibliography (aka "Indigenous studies bibliography") Database which indexes published and unpublished material on Australian indigenous studies. All records relate to Australian indigenous studies and are in English with some in Australian indigenous languages Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students; walk-in users [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] AIM management and training database (aka "AIMMAT", "Australian Institute of Management management and training database") Covers all aspects of management, training and human resources, including organisational change, workplace relations, business ethics, customer service marketing and leadership. Journals indexed are predominantly Australian, with some New Zealand and Southeast Asian titles included Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students; walk-in users [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] AIMMAT (aka "AIM management and training database", "Australian Institute of Management management and training database") Covers all aspects of management, training and human resources, including organisational change, workplace relations, business ethics, customer service marketing and leadership. Journals indexed are predominantly Australian, with some New Zealand and Southeast Asian titles included Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students; walk-in users [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] Alexander Street Anthropology (aka "Anthropology online") Alexander Street Anthropology is a comprehensive resource for the study of human culture and behavior. Featuring cross-searchable access to the Ethnographic Video Online volumes 1 and 2, and the Anthropology Online collection, Alexander Street Anthropology provides anthropologists, sociologists and cultural historians with an expansive and multifaceted survey of the discipline. Researchers can explore a wide range of materials—from documentaries and field notes to written ethnographies and reference works Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students; walk-in users [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] Alexander Street Press classical music library (aka "Classical music library", "Music Online : Classical Music Library", "Music Online :") A music service of classical music recordings that enables listening and learning. It includes recordings, program notes, composer biographies, and images cross-referenced to the recordings Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students; walk-in users [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] Alexander Street Press classical scores library (aka "Classical scores library", "Music online : classical scores library", "Music online :") Classical Scores Library contains classical scores from both in-copyright and public domain editions. The major composers output is represented, as well as many lesser known composers and works. The collections encompass all major classical musical genres and time periods from the Middle Ages to the 21st century. Includes full, study, piano, and vocal scores Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students; walk-in users [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] ALISA (No longer updated) (aka "Australian library and information science abstracts") Covers Australian literature on library and information services and the library workforce including education and training; information technology including CD-ROM; networking; electronic publishing; and telecommunications. There are also records relating to Australian children's literature Coverage: 1982-2005 Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students; walk-in users [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] Alloy phase diagrams center (aka "ASM alloy phase diagrams database") The ASM Alloy Phase Diagrams Center allows subscribers to explore, search and view more than 28,000 binary and ternary phase diagrams and associated phase data for more than 6200 systems User name and password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] Ambassador Graham Martin and the Saigon Embassy's back channel communications files, 1963-1975 Consists of State Department telegrams and White House backchannel messages between U.S. ambassadors in Saigon and White House national security advisers, talking points for meetings with South Vietnamese officials, intelligence reports, drafts of peace agreements, and military status reports. Subjects include the Diem coup, the Paris peace negotiations, the fall of South Vietnam, and other U.S./South Vietnam relations topics, 1963 to 1975 Coverage: 1963-1975 Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students; walk-in users. [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] American Council of Learned Societies humanities e-book (aka "ACLS humanities e-book") Humanities E-Book is a digital collection of full-text titles offered by the ACLS in collaboration with learned societies, contributing publishers, and librarians at the University of Michigan's Scholarly Publishing Office. The result is an online, fully searchable collection of books in the humanities, recommended and reviewed by scholars Coverage: 1857- Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] American history in video American History in Video comprises streaming video content, including contemporaneous video from the 1890s to the 1980s. The early newsreels, including the complete series of United Newsreel and Universal Newsreel capture history as it was made and reported to viewers of the time Coverage: 1890- Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students; walk-in users [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] American national biography online (Updated quarterly) (aka "ANB online") Biographical dictionary of notable American men and women from all eras of American history who are no longer alive. Includes illustrations and hypertext links to other web resources Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students; walk-in users [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] American politics and society from Kennedy to Watergate A compilation of document types from the Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon presidencies as well as records from federal agencies. Issues of the challenging times chronicled span women's rights, urban renewal, rural development, tax reform, civil rights, space exploration, international trade, War on Poverty, Vietnam, Watergate-related trials, Environmental Protection Agency, and more Coverage: 1960-1975 Username and Password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited] American Psychiatric Publishing books and guidelines (aka "PsychiatryOnline books", "DSM Library") American Psychiatric Publishing, Inc. (APPI), is a publisher of books, journals, and multimedia on psychiatry, mental health, and behavioral sciences. APPI is a wholly owned subsidiary of the American Psychiatric Association (APA), acting as publisher and distributor for APA publications User name and password may be required Library members: UQ staff and students [Concurrent user limit: Unlimited]  
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    Institut fur Mechanik
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    Institut national d'études démographiques
    Institut Statistique du Quebec
    Institut za Kovinske Materiale in Tehnologije Ljubljana
    Institut za Oceanografiju i Ribarstvo (Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries)
    Institute De Veille Sanitaire
    Institute for Bird Populations
    Institute for Conflict Management
    Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies
    Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies
    Institute for Human Development
    Institute for Human Geography
    Institute for Lab Animal Research (ILAR)
    Institute for Medical Research and Occupational Health
    Institute for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies
    Institute for Research on Public Policy
    Institute for Security Studies
    Institute for Sociological and Political Research
    Institute for the Integration of Latin America and the Caribbean
    Institute for the Study of American Popular Culture
    Institute For The Study Of Man
    Institute Foresters Australia
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    Institute of Advanced Study of Human Sexuality
    Institute of Agricultural Economics and Information
    Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research
    Institute of Asian Studies
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    Institute of Brewing & Distilling
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    Institute of Condensed Matter Physics
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    Institute of Development Studies (IDS)
    Institute of Education Policy Standards
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    Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan
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    Institute of Information Technology
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    Institute of Information Theory and Automation
    Institute of Management Accountants
    Institute of Marine Engineering Science and Technology
    Institute of Materials
    Institute of Mathematical Statistics
    Institute of Mathematics
    Institute of Mathematics, University of Debrecen
    Institute of Nautical Archaeology
    Institute of Noise Control Engineering
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    Institute Of Pure & Applied Physics
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    Instituto de Estudos Avançados da Universidade de São Paulo
    Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias, INIA
    Instituto de Investigaciones Filológicas
    Instituto de Investigaciones Jurídicas de la UNAM
    Instituto de Materiales y Modelos Estructurales
    Instituto de Pesquisas Ambientais em Bacias Hidrográficas (IPABHi)
    Instituto De Tecnologia Parana
    Instituto de Zootecnia de la Facultad de Veterinaria de Córdoba
    Instituto Internacional de Ecologia
    Instituto Nacional de Estadística
    Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazonia
    Instituto Portugues Do Sangue
    Instituto Universitario de Investigación Ortega y Gasset
    Integrated Ocean Drilling Program
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    International Association for Bioinformation
    International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering
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    International Association for Food Protection
    International Association for Plant Taxonomy
    International Association of Chiefs of Police
    International Association of Circumpolar Health Publishers
    International Association of Educators
    International Association of Hydraulic Engineering and Research
    International Association of Hydrological Sciences, Ltd
    International Association of Medical Science Education
    International Association of Traffic Safety Sciences
    International Association of Yoga Therapists
    International Bone and Mineral Society
    International Center Diarrhoeal Diseases
    International Center for Information Ethics
    International Center Not-For-Profit Law
    International Center of Mental Health Policy and Economics
    International Centre for Eye Health
    International Civil Aviation Organization
    International Co-Operative Alliance
    International Consortium for the Advancement of Academic Publication
    International Council for Traditional Music
    International Council of Associations for Science Education (ICASE)
    International Cultic Studies Association
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    International Federation of Sports Medicine
    International Food Information Service
    International Glaciological Society
    International Grains Council
    International Heart Journal Association
    International Hormesis Society
    International Humanist and Ethical Union
    International Institute for Qualitative Methodology, University of Alberta
    International Institute for Strategic Studies
    International Institute of Anticancer Research
    International Institute of Forecasters
    International Institute of Refrigeration
    International Institute of Welding
    International Joint Commission
    International Journal of Design
    International Journal of Healing & Caring
    International Journal of Industrial Engineering
    International Journal of Institution Technology Distance and Learning
    International Journal of Mormon Studies
    International Journal of Naturopathic Medicine
    International Journal of Naval History
    International Labour Organization
    International Leprosy Association
    International Linear Algebra Society
    International Living
    International Medical Press
    International Microelectronics And Packaging Society
    International Microwave Power Institute
    International Monetary Fund
    International Network for the History of Public Health
    International Network of Inclusive Democracy
    International Newsletters LTD
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    International Phenomenological Society
    International Planned Parenthood Federation
    International Press
    International Public Management Network
    International Publishing Service/IPS
    International Reading Association
    International Research Association for Talent Development and Excellence (IRATDE)
    International Research Committee on Disasters
    International Rice Research Institute
    International Seed Testing Association
    International Society for Exploring Teaching and Learning
    International Society for Gerontology
    International Society for Performance Improvement
    International Society for the Study of Pilgrimage Art
    International Society of Bassists
    International Society of Complexity, Information and Design
    International Society of Histology and Cytology
    International Society of Travel Medicine
    International Society on Hypertension in Blacks
    International Statistical Institute
    International Thermal Spray Association
    International Tourism Partnership
    International Trauma Anesthesia and Critical Care Society
    International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease
    International Union of Crystallography
    International Visual Literacy Association
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    Jamestown Foundation
    Jane Austen Society of North America
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    Japan NPO Research Association (JANPORA)
    Japan Petroleum Institute
    Japan Publications Trading Co
    Japan Section of the Regional Science Association International
    Japan Society for Occupational Health
    Japan Society for Software Science and Technology
    Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE)
    Japan Society of Clinical Immunology
    Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME)
    Japan Society of Nuclear and Radiochemical Sciences
    Japan Statistical Society
    Japanese Circulation Society
    Japanese Pharmacological Society
    Japanese Physical Therapy Association
    Japanese Society Echocardiography
    Japanese Society for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
    Japanese Society for Hygiene
    Japanese Society for Pediatric Endocrinology
    Japanese Society of Animal Reproduction (JSAR)
    Japanese Society of Applied Entomology and Zoology
    Japanese Society of Artificial Intelligence
    Japanese Society of Biometeorology
    Japanese Society of Breeding
    Japanese Society of Equine Science
    Japanese Society of Hypertension
    Japanese Society of Internal Medicine
    Japanese Society of Smooth Muscle Research
    Japanese Society of Toxicologic Pathology
    Japanese Society of Toxicology
    Japanese Society of Tropical Medicine
    JARA Inc.
    JCO Inc.
    Jems Communication Co.
    Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
    Jewish Chronicle
    Joanna Briggs Institute
    Jobson Publishing Corporation
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    John Dewey Society
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    Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth
    Johns Hopkins University Press
    Johnson Matthey
    Joint Commission Resources
    Jola Publications
    Jones & Bartlett Publishers Inc.
    Jossey Bass Inc
    Journal Classroom Interaction
    Journal for Crime Conflict, and Media Culture
    Journal of Biolaw & Business
    Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery
    Journal of Central European Agriculture
    Journal of Chemical Education
    Journal of Commerce Inc.
    Journal of Community Informatics
    Journal of Consumer Education
    Journal of Culture Collections
    Journal of Dramatic Theory
    Journal Of Extension Inc
    Journal of Global Buddhism
    Journal of Informed Pharmacotherapy
    Journal of Interdisciplinary Music Studies
    Journal of Investment Management
    Journal of Musculoskeletal and Neuronal Interactions
    Journal of Music in Ireland
    Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy
    Journal of Pacific Studies
    Journal of Pan African Studies
    Journal of Philosophy, Science & Law
    Journal of Pyrotechnics Inc
    Journal of Rheumatology
    Journal of Southeast Asian Language Teaching
    Journal of Technology Education
    Journal of Transport Economics and Policy
    Journal of Vectorial Relativity
    Journal of Visualized Experiments
    Journal Peace Justice Studies
    JSP Internet
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    Kennedy Institute Of Ethics
    Kent State University Department of Math Sciences
    Kent State University Press
    Kentucky Economic Association
    Kerala Agricultural University
    Key Centre for Women's Health in Society
    Keyways Publishing
    Kicking & Screaming Inc
    Kin On Health Care Center
    Kinesiologia Slovenica
    King Guide Publications Inc
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    Kluwer Law International/NE
    Knag/Koninklijk Nederlands AAR
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    Koninklijk Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituut (KNMI)
    Konkoly Observatory
    Konradin Verlagsgruppe
    Korea Institute of Science & Technology
    Korean Academy of Medical Science
    Korean Association for the Study of the Liver (KASL)
    Korean Association of Orthodontists
    Korean Chemical Society
    Korean Institute of Communications Sciences (KICS)
    Korean Journal of Parasitology
    Korean Pharmacopuncture Institute
    Korean Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
    Korean Society of Automotive Engineering
    Korean Society of Biotechnology & Bioengineering
    Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers
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    Koul Research Foundation
    KT Press
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    Kure Iletisim Grubu A.S.
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    La Red Vasca de Información Europea (REVIE)
    La Universidad del Zulia
    Laboratario de Tecnologia e Desenvolvimento Social
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    Landes Bioscience
    Landscape Architecture and Decision Support System
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    Lavoisier Abonnements
    Law and Society Journal at UCSB
    Law Commission
    Law Institute of Victoria
    Law Librarians' Society of Washington, DC
    Lawrence & Wishart Ltd.
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    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
    Le Monde
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    Legal Books Depot
    Legal Resource Centre of Alberta Ltd
    Lehman College
    Leisure Media Company Ltd
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    Leon Recanati Institute of Maritime Studies
    Leonard Davis Health Economics Institute
    Les Presses De L'Universite Quebec
    LesPlan Educational Services Ltd.
    Lettre Recherche Et Referencement
    Levrotto & Bella Sas
    Lewis & Clark College
    Lexxion Verlagsgesell
    Lexxion Verlagsgesellschaft
    LIBER Quarterly
    Libertas Academica
    Librairie Armand Colin
    Library and Information Research
    Library of Congress
    Lien social et Politiques
    Life Insurance Association of Japan
    Life Sciences Journal
    Life Technologies Inc
    Liga Brasileira de Epilepsia
    Lillehammer University College
    Lincoln Institute of Research & Education
    Linde Verlag Wien GES MBH
    Linguistic Society Of America
    Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (LWW)
    Lithuanian Academy of Sciences
    Little Black Dog Publications Pty Ltd
    Liverpool Health Authority
    Liverpool University Press
    Living Pulpit Inc
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    Lloyd's Register Fairplay
    LNG Publishing Company Incorporated
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    London Archaeologist Association
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    Longwoods Publishing Corp.
    Lorenzo Associates
    Los Angeles Business Journal
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    LPC, Université de Provence
    LRP Publications
    LTSN Centre Bioscience
    Lund University
    Lutheran Spokesman
    Lutheran Theological Review
    Lww Vision Care Group
    Lynne Rienner Publishers
    M E Sharpe Inc
    M J Powers and Co. Publishers
    M. Lee Smith Publishers LLC
    MA Healthcare Ltd
    Magazine Litteraire
    Magna Publications
    Magnolia Press
    Maik Nauka Interperiodica
    Maison D'aujourd Hui
    Maison de l'Informatique et des Mathématiques Discrètes
    Makerere Medical School
    Maladies Chroniques au Canada
    Malawi Medical Journal
    Malaysian Society of Parasitology and Tropical Medicine
    Malaysian Society of Pathologists
    Malta Medical Journal
    Manchester Metropolitan University, Business School, Centre for Policy Modelling
    Manchester Metropolitan University, Department of Psychology, Discourse Unit
    Manchester University Press
    Maney Publishing
    Manitoba Library Association
    Manonmaniam Sundaranar University
    Mansueto Ventures
    Marine Biological Laboratories
    Marine Corps Association Inc
    Maris Bv
    Maritime Activity Reports, Inc.
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    Marquis Who’s Who Inc.
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    Martinus Nijhoff Publishers
    Maruzen Company Ltd
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    Maryland Library Association
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    Mashantucket Pequot Museum & Research Center (MPMRC)
    Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press (MIT Press)
    Massachusetts Medical Society
    Massachusetts Nurses Association
    Masson Editeur
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    Master Brewers Association of America
    Materials Research Society
    Mathematica Scandinavica
    Mathematical Institute of Charles University
    Mathematical Science Publishers
    Mathematical Society of Roc
    Mathematics Education Student Association
    Mathematics Institute
    Matrice Techonology Ltd.
    Matt Publishing
    Mattioli 1885 Publishing Company
    Maud Powell Society
    Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research
    Max Weber Studies
    McFarland & Company, Inc.
    McGill Law Journal
    McGill University
    McGraw Hill Publishing Co. Inc
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    McMaster University
    McMillan-Scott Subscriber Services
    MechAero Foundation for Technical Research & Education Excellence (MAFTREE)
    Medecine et Hygiene
    Medecins Du Monde
    Medgenmed WebMD MedScape HLT
    Media Force Publications
    Media Index Publishing
    Media International Australian Inc Culture & Policy
    MediaSec AG
    MediaTec Publishing, Inc.
    Medical Assn of Malaysia
    Medical Association of Nippon Medical School
    Medical Consultants Network
    Medical Investigations Society
    Medical Journals
    Medical Letter
    Medical Library Association
    Medical Systems Spa
    MEDICC / Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba
    Medicine Publishing Company Ltd
    Medicinska Naklada
    Medicom Group LTD
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    Mediterranean Phytopathological Union
    Medknow Publications
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    Meteorological Society of Japan
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    Michigan Land Use Institute
    Michigan Law Review Association
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    Microbiological Society of Korea
    Micropaleontology Press
    Microtome Publishing
    Mid-Continent Regional Science Association (MCRSA)
    Middle East Documentation Center
    Middle East Institute
    Middle East International
    Middle East Librarians Association
    Midlands Bible College
    Mido Editores
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    Milieu Aktief
    Mille Sources Communication
    Millennium Medical Publishing
    Miller-Mccune Center
    MIMI Magazine
    Mindsystems Pty Ltd.
    Mine Action Information Center
    Mineralogical Association of Canada
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    Mineralogical Society of Great Britain
    Mining Communications Limited
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    Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication
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    MIT Sloan Management Review
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    Nanotechnology Law & Business
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    NASA Tech Briefs
    Nationaal Herbarium Nederland
    National Aboriginal Health Organization
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    National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
    National Advisory Council on Aging
    National Affairs, Inc.
    National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee
    National Association for Bilingual Education
    National Association of College Admissions Counseling
    National Association of Elementary School Principals
    National Association of Geoscience Teachers
    National Association of Hispanic Journalists
    National Association of Industrial and Technical Teacher Educators
    National Association of Industrial Technology
    National Association of Professors of Middle Level Education (NAPOMLE)
    National Association of Social Workers
    National Association of Student Personnel Administrators
    National Athletic Trainers' Association
    National Black Republican Association
    National Book Centre Of Greece
    National Bureau Economic Research
    National Business Forms Association
    National Catholic Bioethics Center
    National Catholic Reporter Publishing Co
    National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
    National Center for Fair & Open Testing (FairTest)
    National Center for Infectious Diseases
    National Center for Learning Disabilities
    National Center for Online Learning Research
    National Center for Youth Law
    National Center of English Language Teaching & Research
    National Center on Poverty Law
    National Centre for Science & Technology
    National Climatic Data Center
    National Conference of Editorial Writers
    National Conference on Soviet Jewry
    National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges
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    National Resource Center for the First-Year Experience and Students in Transition
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    North American Association for the Study of Obesity (NAASO)
    North American Association Of Christians In Social Work
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    Soc Catalana Seguritat Medicin
    Soc Math De France
    Soc Promotion of Roman Studies
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    Social Policy Journal
    Socialist Labor Party
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    Sociedad Chilena de Obstetricia y Ginecología
    Sociedad Chilena de Parasitología
    Sociedad Chilena de Quimica
    Sociedad Espanola de Dietetica y Ciencias de la Alimentacion
    Sociedad Española del Dolor
    Sociedad Mexicana de Análisis de la Conducta - Mexican Society for Behavior Analysis
    Sociedad Nacional de Mineria Petroleo y Energia
    Sociedad Venezolana de Farmacológia y Farmacológia Clínica y Terapéutica
    Sociedade Botanica Do Brasil
    Sociedade Brasileira de Anestesiologia
    Sociedade Brasileira de Cardiologia - SBC
    Sociedade Brasileira de Ciência do Solo
    Sociedade Brasileira de Ciência e Tecnologia de Alimentos
    Sociedade Brasileira de Cirurgia Cardiovascular
    Sociedade Brasileira de Dermatologia
    Sociedade Brasileira de Endocrinologia e Metabologia
    Sociedade Brasileira De Entomologia
    Sociedade Brasileira de Física
    Sociedade Brasileira de Fisiologia Vegetal
    Sociedade Brasileira de Genética
    Sociedade Brasileira de Microbiologia
    Sociedade Brasileira de Patologia
    Sociedade Brasileira de Pediatria
    Sociedade Brasileira de Pneumologia e Tisiologia
    Sociedade Brasileira de Urologia
    Sociedade Brasileira para o Desenvolvimento da Pesquisa em Cirurgia
    Sociedade de Investigações Florestais
    Societa Editrice il Mulino SPA
    Societa Italiana di Fisica
    Societa Speleologica Italiana
    Société de protection des plantes du Québec (Quebec Society for the Protection of Plants)
    Societe Editions Scientifiques
    Société Guilhem IX
    Société québécoise d’ethnologie
    Société Québécoise de Science Politique
    Société Rencesvals
    Society Brasileiracartografia
    Society for Advancement Philosophy
    Society for Animation Studies
    Society for Applied Anthropology
    Society for Applied Learning Technology
    Society for Applied Spectroscopy
    Society for California Archaeology
    Society for Co-operative Studies
    Society for Disability Studies
    Society for Economic Theory
    Society for Endocrinology
    Society for General Microbiology
    Society for Historians of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era
    Society for Imaging Science & Technology
    Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
    Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Inc.
    Society for Information Display
    Society for Integrated Sciences
    Society for Irish Latin American Studies
    Society for Japanese Studies
    Society for Leukocyte Biology
    Society for Military History
    Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Expoloration
    Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution
    Society for Music Theory
    Society for Musicology in Ireland
    Society for Neuroscience
    Society for Organizational Learning
    Society for Range Management
    Society for Reproduction and Fertility
    Society For Scientific Exploration
    Society for Sedimentary Geology
    Society for Seventeenth - Century Music
    Society for Socialist Studies
    Society for Technical Communication
    Society for the Experimental Analysis of Behavior (SEAB)
    Society for the Investigation of Early Pregnancy
    Society for the Study of Reproduction
    Society Math De France
    Society Mexico de Alergia
    Society of Actuaries
    Society of Africanist Archaeologists
    Society of Alternative Animal Experiments
    Society of American Archivists
    Society of American Foresters
    Society Of Biblical Literature
    Society of Chemical Engineers
    Society of Chemical Industry
    Society of Computer Chemistry Japan
    Society of Dix-Neuviémistes
    Society of Economic Geologists
    Society of Exploration Geophysicists
    Society of Glass Technology
    Society of Indexers
    Society of Judgment Decision Making
    Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons
    Society of Mississippi Archivists
    Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers
    Society of North American Goldsmiths
    Society of Nuclear Medicine
    Society of Petroleum Engineers
    Society of Physical Therapy Science
    Society of Plastics Engineers, Inc
    Society Of Polymer Science
    Society of Professional Journalists
    Society Of Rheology Japan
    Society of Teachers of Family Medicine
    Society of Toxicology of Canada Newsletter
    Society of Wood Science & Technology
    Software Technology Support Center
    Software Wydawnictwo SP Zoo
    Soil & Water Conservation
    Soil Science Society of America
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    Sosland Publishing Company
    Sound On Sound Ltd
    South African Chemical Institute
    South African Medical Association
    South African National Parks
    South African Statistical Association
    South African Veterinary Association
    South Carolina Inst Archaeology & Anthropology
    South Carolina Legislative Council
    South Carolina Medical Association
    South Pacific Science Press
    South-Central Renaissance Conference
    Southeast Asian Mathematical Society
    Southeastern Library Association
    Southeastern Regional Association of Teacher Educators
    Southeastern Surgical Congress
    Southern African Wildlife Management Association
    Southern Humanities Council
    Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
    Southern Methodist University
    Southern Public Administration Education Foundation (SPAEF)
    Southern Regional Science Association (SRSA)
    Southern Review
    Southern Rural Sociology
    Southern Textile News
    Southscan Ltd
    Southwest Missouri State University Dept. of Mathematics
    Southwood Consultants Ltd
    Spanish Association for Intelligence Artificial
    Spartacist League of Australia & New Zealand
    Special Libraries Association
    Specialist Dental Summaries
    Specialized Systems Consultants, Inc.
    Spektrum der Wissenschaft
    Spenser Review
    SPIE/International Society of Optical Engineering
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    Springer Gesundheits- und Pharmazieverlag GmbH
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    State Bar of Michigan
    State of California Dept of Finance
    State University of Campinas
    State University of New York at Albany
    State University of West Georgia
    State Wide Rec Ctr
    Station Biologique
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    Statistisches Bundesamt (Federal Statistical Office)
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    Surface Science Society of Japan
    Surgical Sciences Research Society
    Surveillance Project
    Sustainable Agri Programme
    Svenska Samfundet Musikforskni
    Swedish Nutrition Foundation
    Swets & Zeitlinger BV
    Swiss Chemical Society
    Swiss Political Science Association
    Swiss Society for Biomaterials & Tissue & Cell Engineering
    Sykepleierskenes Samarbeide
    Symposium Journals Ltd.
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