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ساینس دایرکت؛  ژورنالها: 3,022  ،  کتابها: 7,436
اسپرینگر؛  ژورنالها: 2,512  ،  کتابها: 152,890
پروکوئست: 99 دیتابیس
دسترسی نسبتا خوب به کتابهای وایلی
17th-18th Century Burney Collection Newspapers (Gale)  
19th Century British Library Newspapers (Gale)  
19th Century Masterfile (Paratext)  
19th century UK periodicals (Gale)  
19th-Century American Art Periodicals (OCLC) 
ABELL Online (Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature) (Chadwyck-Healey)  
ABI/Inform Dateline (ProQuest)  
ABI/Inform Dateline/Global/Trade & Industry (ProQuest)  
ABI/Inform Global (ProQuest)  
ABI/Inform Trade and Industry (ProQuest)  
ABSEES-American Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies (EBSCO)  
Academic Charts Online  
Academic Info Religion Gateway  
Academic Search Complete (EBSCO)  
AccessUN (Readex)  
ACLS Humanities E-Book  
ACM Digital Library  
ACP Journal Club  
ACS Journals Search  
Acta Sanctorum (PQ)  
Ad Fontes - See Digital Library of Classic Protestant Texts  
Ad Fontes - See Digital library of the Catholic Reformation  
ADA evidence analysis library  
ADA Nutrition Care Manual  
ADA Pediatric Nutrition Care Manual  
ADA Sports nutrition care manual  
AdSpender See Ad$pender  
Advanced Polymers Abstracts (CSA)  
Aerospace Database (ProQuest XML)  
AES: Audio Engineering Society  
Africa Development Indicators  
Africa-Wide - NiPAD (EBSCO)  
African Studies - See Africa-Wide - NiPAD  
AFSO - See American Film Scripts Online (Alexander Street Press)  
Agricultural and Environmental Biotechnology Abstracts (CSA)  
AIDSinfo Clinical Trials  
Algology Mycology and Protozoology Abstracts (Microbiology C) (ProQuest XML)  
Alt-Press Watch (ProQuest XML)  
Alternative Press Index (EBSCO)  
Aluminium Industry Abstracts (ProQuest)  
AMED (Ovid)  
America's Historical Newspapers, 1690-1876 (Readex)  
America: History and Life (EBSCO)  
American Film Scripts Online (Alexander Street Press)  
American Humanities Index - See Humanities International Index  
American Medical Association  
American National Biography Online  
American Periodicals Series Online 1740-1900 (Proquest)  
American State Papers, 1789-1838 (Readex)  
Amerique française: histoire et civilisation  
Animal Behavior Abstracts (Proquest)  
Animal Health and Production Compendium  
Annee Philologique  
Annotated Bibliography of Anti-Semitism (BAS)  
Annotated bibliography on the Arab family  
Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature - See ABELL Online  
Annual Demographic Statistics (Canada)  
Annual Reviews  
Annual Reviews - Anthropology  
Annual Reviews - Political Science  
Annual Reviews - Psychology  
Annual Reviews - Sociology  
ANTE: Abstracts in New Technologies and Engineering (CSA) (ProQuest XML)  
Anthropological Index Online  
Anthropological Literature See Anthropology Plus  
Anthropology Plus (EBSCO)  
Anthropology Review Database (ARD)  
AoA Bibliographic Database  
Apabi idoicanBook 方正爱读爱看电子书在线阅读平台  
APOS Clinical Database  
Applied Science & Business Periodicals Retrospective: 1913-1983 (EBSCO)(H.W. Wilson)(XML)  
This unique reference is the ideal single source for information on the most important events, issues, and trends in the history of business and industry, from the rise and fall of drugs such as Thalidomide to the business of oil, the evolution of satellite technology to the emergence of the global economy.
Applied Science & Tech Full Text (EBSCO)  
APS Online (ProQuest) - See American Periodicals Series Online 1740-1900  
Aqualine (XML) (ProQuest)  
Archives Unbound (Gale)  
Archivos Españoles en Red (AER)  
Arctic & Antarctic Regions (EBSCO)  
Arctic Science and Technology Information System (ASTIS)  
Arkhivy Rossii  
Art Full Text (EBSCO)(H.W. Wilson)(XML)  
Art Index (EBSCO)(H.W. Wilson)(XML)  
Art Index Retrospective : 1929-1984 (EBSCO)(H.W. Wilson)(XML)  
Art Museum Image Gallery (EBSCO)(H.W. Wilson)(XML)  
ARTbibliographies Modern (ProQuest)  
ARTFL (Project for American and French Research on the Treasury of the French Language)  
Article First (OCLC) - See ArticleFirst (OCLC)  
ArticleFirst (OCLC)  
Arts & Humanities Citation Index (WOS)  
ASFA 1: Biological Sciences and Living Resources (ProQuest)  
ASFA 2 : Ocean technology, policy and non-living resources (ProQuest)  
ASFA 3: Aquatic Pollution and Environmental Quality (ProQuest)  
ASFA Aquaculture Abstracts (ProQuest)  
ASFA Marine Biotechnology Abstracts (ProQuest)  
Asian American Drama (Alexander Street Press)  
ASSIA Applied Social Sciences Index and Abstracts (CSA) (ProQuest XML)  
Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers learned journals collection  
ASTIS - See Arctic Science and Technology Information System  
Astrophysics Data System (ADS)  
ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials (EBSCO)  
Atlanta constitution (1868-1945) (ProQuest Historical Newspaper)  
Atlas of the Bible, Andromeda (xreferplus)  
Australian Dictionary of Biography  
Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals (EBSCO)  
Bacteriology Abstracts (Microbiology B) (ProQuest)  
Balance of Payments Statistics (IMF)  
Bar Ilan's Judaic Library  
BDSL Online  
BELIT - Bioethics Literature Database  
Berkeley Electronic Press  
Bibliographie internationale de l’humanisme et de la Renaissance  
Bibliographie nationale française  
Bibliography of Asian Studies  
Bibliography of British and Irish History  
Bibliography of Native North Americans (EBSCO)  
Bibliography of the History of Art  
Bibliothèque de l'École Polytechnique de Montréal Catalogue (BiblioPoly)  
Biochemistry Abstracts 1 (ProQuest XML)  
Biochemistry Abstracts 3 (ProQuest XML)  
Biography Index Past and Present (EBSCO)(H.W. Wilson)(XML)  
Biography Index Retrospective: 1946-1983 (EBSCO)(H.W. Wilson)(XML)  
Biological & Agricultural Index Plus (EBSCO)(H.W. Wilson)(XML)  
BioMed Central  
BioOne abstracts & indexes (ProQuest XML)  
BIOSIS Previews (Ovid)  
Biosis Previews Archive (Ovid)  
Biotechnology and BioEngineering Abstracts (ProQuest XML)  
Bishops' University (BORIS)  
Black Drama - 1850 to the Present (Alexander Street Press)  
Black Thought and Culture (Alexander Street Press)  
Blackwell Reference Online  
Blackwell Synergy  
Bloomberg Professional®  
Bloomsbury Dictionary of Myth  
Bloomsbury Guide to Human Thought  
Blue Book of Canadian Business - See Canadian Business Resource  
Boardwise - See Conference Board of Canada e-Library  
Book Review Digest Plus (EBSCO)  
Book Review Digest Retrospective , 1908-1982 (EBSCO)(H.W. Wilson)(XML)  
Book Review Index Online (Gale)  
Books 24x7  
Books in Print - See Global Books in Print  
Books in Print Canadian ed. - See Global Books in Print  
Boston globe (1872-1927) (ProQuest Historical Newspaper)  
Brill's new Jacoby  
Britannica Online - See Encyclopædia Britannica  
British and Irish Women's Letters and Diaries (Alexander Street Press)  
British Humanities Index (ProQuest)  
British literary manuscripts online (Gale)  
Business Abstracts with Full Text (EBSCO)(H.W. Wilson)(XML)  
Business Plans Handbook  
Business Source Complete (EBSCO)  
BusinessPro (Books 24x7)  
CAB Abstracts (Ovid)  
Cab Abstracts Archive (Ovid)  
CAB Reviews (CABI)  
Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy  
Cambridge Journals Online  
Campbell library of systematic reviews  
Canada's Early Women Writers: An Online Directory  
Canada: Census 1996  
Canada: Census 2001  
Canadian Almanac and Directory  
Canadian Business & Current Affairs - See CBCA Complete (Proquest)  
Canadian Business Resource  
Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety's - See CCOHS web information service  
Canadian Electronic Library Publishers Collection  
Canadian electronic library: Canadian public policy collection  
Canadian Encyclopedia Online  
Canadian environmental resource guide  
Canadian farm financial database  
Canadian Foreign Relations Index  
Canadian Literary Centre (EBSCO)  
Canadian Monthly Climate Data and 1960-1991 Normals  
Canadian Music Centre / Centre de musique canadienne  
Canadian Music Periodical Index  
Canadian Music Subject Guide  
Canadian Newsstand (ProQuest)  
Canadian Reference Centre (EBSCO)  
Canadian Research Index (Proquest)  
Canadian Snow Data  
Career and Technical Education (ProQuest XML)  
Career Insider  
Catalogue de l'École des hautes études commerciales (HEC) de Montréal (HECTOR)  
CBCA Complete (ProQuest)  
CCINFOweb - See CCOHS web information service  
CCOHS web information service  
Census of Agriculture  
Center for Research in Security Prices - See CRSP (WRDS)  
Central and Eastern European Online Library - CEEOL  
Centre d'Accès à l'Information Juridique (CAIJ)  
Ceramic Abstracts (ProQuest)  
CHANT (Chinese Ancient Texts)  
CHEMpendium (CCOHS)  
Chicago Defender (1910-1975) (ProQuest Historical Newspaper)  
Chicago tribune (1849-1986) (Proquest historical newspaper)  
Child Welfare Information Gateway  
Children's Literature Comprehensive Database  
China : Trade, Politics & Culture 1793-1980 (Adam Matthew)  
China Academic Journals  
China Data Online  
Chinese Ancient Texts - See CHANT (Chinese Ancient Texts)  
Christian science monitor (1908-1997) (ProQuest Historical Newspaper)  
CIA World Factbook  
CICA standards & guidance collection  
CINAHL : Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (EBSCO)  
Cinema Image Gallery (EBSCO)(H.W. Wilson)(XML)  
CiNii : NII scholarly and academic information navigator  
CIRRIE (Center for International Rehabilitation Research Information and Exchange)  
Citizenship and Immigration Manuals (Canada)  
Civil Engineering Abstracts (CSA) (ProQuest XML)  
Civil Engineering Database (ASCE)  
Civil War: a Newspaper Perspective  
Classical Music Library (Alexander Street Press)  
Classical Scores Library (Alexander Street Press)  
Clinical Evidence (BMJ)  
CMA Infobase (Clinical Practice Guidelines)  
COADS Global Marine Database  
Cochrane Library  
Cochrane Library - Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects (Wiley)  
Code of Federal Regulations (HEIN)  
Cohort Flow and the Consequences of Population Ageing, an International Analysis and Review  
Collins (Market House) Dictionary of British History  
Columbia Granger's Poetry Database (EBSCO)  
ComDisDome (CSA) (ProQuest XML)  
Commodity price statistics online  
Communication & Mass Media Complete (EBSCO)  
Communication Abstracts (EBSCO)  
Companion to British History (Xreferplus)  
Compendex (Ei Village 2)  
Composites Industry Abstracts (CSA)  
Comprehensive Clinical Psychology  
Comprehensive Shakespeare Dictionary  
Compustat - Standard & Poor’s (WRDS)  
Computer and Information Systems Abstracts (CSA) (ProQuest XML)  
Computer Database (Gale)  
Concise Companion to the Jewish Religion (Oxford)  
Concise Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology and Behavioral Science  
Concise Encyclopedia of Statistics  
Concise Oxford Companion to African American Literature  
Concise Oxford Companion to American Literature  
Concise Oxford Companion to Classical Literature  
Concise Oxford Companion to English Literature  
Concise Oxford Companion to Irish Literature  
Concise Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms  
Concise Oxford Dictionary of Music  
Concise Oxford Dictionary of Politics  
Concise Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church  
Concise Oxford Dictionary of World Religions  
Concordia Library Catalogue (CLUES)  
Conference Board of Canada e-Data  
Conference Board of Canada e-Library  
Conference Papers Index (ProQuest)  
Conserving Canada's Natural Legacy  
Consolidated Statutes and Regulations of Canada  
Contemporary Authors (Gale)  
Contemporary Women's Issues (Gale)  
Copper Data Center Database (CSA) see Copper Technical Reference Library  
Copper Technical Reference Library (ProQuest)  
Core Historical Literature of Agriculture  
Corporate Affiliations  
Corrosion Abstracts (Proquest)  
Corsini encyclopedia of psychology  
COS Funding Opportunities (ProQuest)  
COS Papers Invited (ProQuest XML)  
COS Scholar Universe (CSA) (ProQuest XML)  
Council for British Archaeology Internet Information Service  
Counseling and Psychotherapy Transcripts (Alexander Street Press)  
Counseling and Therapy in Video (Alexander Street Press)  
CPI.Q (Gale)  
Credo Reference  
Credo Reference Art  
Credo Reference Bilinguals  
Credo Reference Biography  
Credo Reference Business  
Credo Reference Dictionaries  
Credo Reference Encyclopedias  
Credo Reference Food  
Credo Reference Geography  
Credo Reference History  
Credo Reference Language  
Credo Reference Law  
Credo Reference Literature  
Credo Reference Medicine  
Credo Reference Music  
Credo Reference Philosophy  
Credo Reference Psychology  
Credo Reference Quotations  
Credo Reference Religion  
Credo Reference Science  
Credo Reference Social Sciences  
Credo Reference Technology  
Crime and Justice (Canada)  
Criminal spectrum  
Crop Protection Compendium  
Current Biography Illustrated (EBSCO)(H.W. Wilson)(XML)  
Current Contents (Ovid)  
Current Index to Statistics (ASA)  
Current Protocols Online  
Current Research in French Studies  
DARE - Database of abstracts of reviews of effects  
Dare to Age Well  
Database of Promoting Health Effectiveness Reviews (DoPHER)  
Database on gender and the empowerment of women in the Arab region  
DealScan (Thomson Reuters)  
Defining Gender, 1450-1910 (Adam Matthew)  
Demographic Yearbook Historical Supplement  
Derwent Innovations Index (ISI)  
Descriptions of Fungi and Bacteria (CABI)  
Design and Applied Arts Index (ProQuest)  
Deutsche Nationalbibliographie  
Diccionario de la Lengua Española  
Dictionary of African Mythology  
Dictionary of British History (Oxford)  
Dictionary of Buddhism (Oxford Reference Online)  
Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online/ Dictionnaire biographique du Canada en ligne  
Dictionary of Economics (Oxford)  
Dictionary of Finance and Banking (Oxford)  
Dictionary of Hindu Lore and Legend  
Dictionary of Information Technology  
Dictionary of Library and Information Management  
Dictionary of Literary Biography  
Dictionary of New Zealand Biography  
Dictionary of Philosophy (Xreferplus)  
Dictionary of Political Biography  
Dictionary of Psychology (Oxford)  
Dictionary of Sociology (Oxford)  
Dictionary of the Bible (Macmillan)  
Dictionary of the Bible (Oxford Reference Online)  
Dictionary of the Social Sciences (Oxford)  
DIGGER - Die archäologische Suchmaschine  
Digital Dictionary of Buddhism  
Digital Karl Barth Library (Alexander Street Press)  
Digital Library of Classic Protestant Texts (Alexander Street Press)  
Digital Library of the Catholic Reformation (Alexander Street Press)  
Digital National Security Archive (Chadwyck-Healey)  
Dir : Dizionario italiano ragionato  
Direction of Trade Statistics (IMF)  
Directory of Open Access Journals  
Directory of Published Proceedings  
Dissertation Abstracts Online - See ProQuest Dissertations and Theses  
Distribution Maps of Plant Diseases (CABI)  
Distribution Maps of Plant Pests (CABI)  
DOAJ - See Directory of Open Access Journals  
DoPP - See Directory of published proceedings  
Dow Jones Interactive - See Factiva  
DRAM : Database of Recorded American Music  
Drama Criticism Online  
Droit Civil en Ligne (DCL) - McGill users only.  
DynaMed (EBSCO)  
e-CPS : Compendium des produits et spécialités pharmaceutiques  
e-CPS : Compendium of Pharmaceuticals & Specialties  
E-korean studies = Hanʼgukhak teitʻŏ peisŭ  
Early American imprints.Series 1, Evans (1639-1800) (Readex)  
Early American Newspapers - See America's Historical Newspapers  
Early Canadiana Online  
Early Encounters in North America (Alexander Street Press)  
Early English Books Online (EEBO) - See EEBO  
Early European Books (Chadwyck-Healey)  
Earth Summit  
Earthquake Engineering Abstracts (CSA) (ProQuest XML)  
eBook Collection (EBSCO)  
EBPP bibliography  
ECCO (Eighteenth Century Collections Online) (Gale)  
ECO - See Early Canadiana online  
Ecology Abstracts (CSA) (ProQuest XML)  
EconLit (EBSCO)  
Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)  
EdITLib digital library for information technology and education  
EDRS (Electronic Data Resources Service)  
Education Full Text (EBSCO)(H.W. Wilson)(XML)  
Education Index Retrospective: 1929-1983 (EBSCO)(H.W. Wilson)(XML)  
Educational Administration Abstracts (EBSCO)  
EEBO (Early English Books Online) (Chadwyck-Healey)  
Egyptology Resources  
eHRAF Archaeology  
eHRAF World Cultures  
Eighteenth Century Collections Online (Gale) - See ECCO  
Eighteenth Century Journals (Adam Matthew)  
EIU ViewsWire - See ViewsWire (EIU)  
Electronic Collections (OCLC)  
Electronics and Communications Abstracts (CSA) (ProQuest XML)  
EMBASE Classic (Ovid)  
EMBASE: Excerpta Medica (Ovid)  
Emerald Intelligence + Fulltext Library (Emerald)  
Empire Online (Adam Matthew)  
Enciclopedia Universal en Español  
Encyclopaedia Judaica  
Encyclopaedia of Islam  
Encyclopaedia Universalis Online  
Encyclopedia of Applied Psychology  
Encyclopedia of behavioral neuroscience  
Encyclopedia of Communication and Information (Gale)  
Encyclopedia of Finance  
Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology  
Encyclopedia of Knowledge Management  
Encyclopedia of Leadership  
Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science  
Encyclopedia of Life Sciences (Wiley)  
Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Campaigns  
Encyclopedia of Music in Canada  
Encyclopedia of Operations Research and Management Science  
Encyclopedia of Optimization  
Encyclopedia of Production and Manufacturing Management  
Encyclopedia of Psychotherapy  
Encyclopedia of Religion (Gale)  
Encyclopedia of the Human Brain  
Encyclopédie de la musique au Canada  
Encyclopædia Britannica  
Energy Statistics Handbook  
Engineered Materials Abstracts (ProQuest)  
Engineering Village 2 (Compendex and INSPEC)  
EngineeringPro (Books 24x7)  
English Drama (Chadwyck-Healey)  
English Reports  
English Short Title Catalogue (British Library)  
Entertainment industry magazine archive  
Entomology Abstracts (CSA) (ProQuest XML)  
Environment Abstracts (CSA) (ProQuest XML)  
Environmental Engineering Abstracts (CSA) (ProQuest XML)  
Environmental Impact Statements: Full-Text & Digests (CSA) (ProQuest XML)  
Environmental Sciences and Pollution Management Database (ProQuest)  
ERIC (ProQuest)  
ERIC - Education Resources Information Center (USDE)  
Essay and General Literature Index (EBSCO)(H.W. Wilson)(XML)  
Essay and general literature index retrospective (EBSCO)(H.W. Wilson)(XML)  
Essential Evidence Plus  
Essential Science Indicators (ISI)  
Ethnic NewsWatch (ProQuest XML)  
ETOPO2: Global 2 Minute Elevations  
EU Bookshop  
Europa World Plus  
Europe's Environment: the Dobris Assessment  
European Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies (EBSEES Online)  
European Bioinformatics Institute  
European Center for Minority Issues (HEIN)  
ExecBlueprints (Books 24x7)  
Expanded Academic ASAP (Gale)  
Extraction System of Agricultural Statistics (ESAS) - See CFFD  
Extraction System of Agricultural Statistics - See Canadian Farm Financial Datab  
Faber Companion to 20th Century Popular Music  
Faculty of 1000  
Faulkner Advisory for IT Studies  
Federal Register Library (HEIN)  
FEDSTATS Regional Statistics (United States)  
Film & Television Literature Index (EBSCO)  
Film Index International (Chadwyck-Healey)  
Film Literature Index Online  
Films on Demand  
FinancePro (Books 24x7)  
Financing for Development: Building on Monterrey  
FNCFCS Database  
Fonds discographique Noël-Vallerand  
Food and Drug Administration (U.S.)  
For Seven Generations: Report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples  
Foreign & International Law Resources Database  
Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) Daily Reports, 1974 - 1996  
Foreign Broadcast Information Service electronic index  
Foreign law guide  
FP Advisor see FP Infomart  
FP Infomart  
FRANCIS (ProQuest)  
FSTA Direct  
FTSS (Fiches techniques sur la sécurité des substances) (CCOHS)  
Gale Virtual Reference Library  
GDCN Global Daily  
GDI - See Global Development Finance (GDF) Online  
Gender Studies Database (EBSCO)  
GenderWatch (ProQuest XML)  
General Election: Official Voting Results (Canada)  
General Science Full Text (EBSCO)  
Genetics and Ethics Database  
GEOBASE (Ei Village 2)  
GeoRef (CSA) (ProQuest XML)  
GeoRef In Process (CSA) (Proquest XML)  
GeoScienceWorld (GSW)  
GIDEON: Global Infectious Disease and Epidemiology Network  
Global Books in Print (Bowker)  
Global Development Finance (GDF) Online  
Global Economic Monitor  
Global Explorer  
Global Health (Ovid)  
Global Health Archive (Ovid)  
Globe and Mail: Canada's Heritage From 1844  
GMID see Passport GMID  
Google Scholar  
Government finance statistics (IMF)  
Grand Corpus des littératures française et francophone, du Moyen Âge au 20e siècle  
Grand Dictionnaire universel du XIXe siècle  
Grande Dizionario Della Lingua Italiana Moderna  
Grande Dizionario Italiano Dell-USO  
Grant Connect  
Grove Art Online (part of Oxford Art Online)  
Grove Music Online (part of Oxford Music Online)  
Guaman Poma –El primer Nueva Coronica y Buen Gobierno  
Hague Academy Collected Courses Online  
Handbook of Alternative Investments  
Handbook of Latin American Studies - See HLAS Online (Library of Congress)  
Handbook of Psychology (Wiley InterScience)  
HAPI (Hispanic American Periodicals Index) Online  
Hartford courant (1764-1984) (ProQuest Historical Newspaper)  
Harvard Biographical Dictionary of Music  
Harvard Dictionary of Music  
Harvard Korean Studies Bibliography  
Health & Psychosocial Instruments - HAPI (Ovid)  
Health and Physical Activity Reference Database  
Health and Safety Science Abstracts (CSA) (Proquest XML)  
Health Regions 2000  
Health Statistics At A Glance  
HealthSTAR/Ovid HealthSTAR  
Highwire Press  
Highwire Search and Link  
Historical Abstracts (EBSCO)  
History of Science, Technology, and Medicine (EBSCO)  
HLAS Online (Library of Congress)  
Holy Bible, King James Version (xreferplus)  
Hong Kong Journals Online  
Hoover's Company Records (ProQuest)  
HopeLit Database  
House of Commons Committees (Canada)  
House of Commons Debates (Canada)  
House of Commons Journals (Canada)  
House of Commons Journals Index (Canada)  
House of Commons Parliamentary Papers [Great Britain] (Chadwyck-Healey)  
HSRProj: Health Services Research Projects in Progress  
Hubert Wenger Eskimo Database  
Humanities & Social Sciences Index Retrospective: 1907-1984 (EBSCO)(H.W. Wilson)(XML)  
Humanities Full Text (EBSCO)(H.W. Wilson)(XML)  
Humanities International Index (EBSCO)  
Humanities, Arts & Medicine Database 
ICC Dispute Resolution Library  
ICPSR: Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research  
IEEE Electronic Library Online (IEEEXplore)  
IIMP (International Index to Music Periodicals) Full Text (ProQuest)  
IIPA (International Index to the Performing Arts) Full Text (Proquest)  
Illustrata: Natural Sciences (CSA) (ProQuest XML)  
Illustrata: Technology (CSA) (ProQuest XML)  
Images from the History of Medicine (NLM)  
IMF eLibrary  
In the First Person (Alexander Street Press)  
Income Trends in Canada 1980+  
Income trends in Canada 1990-98 = Tendances du revenu au Canada  
Index Islamicus (Brill)  
Index to Canadian Legal Literature  
Index to Canadian legal periodical literature  
Index to Current House of Commons Parliamentary Papers [Great Britain]  
Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals (Hein Online)  
Index to Jewish Periodicals (EBSCO)  
Index to Legal Periodical Literature (1786-1922)  
Index to Legal Periodicals & Books Full Text (EBSCO)(H.W. Wilson)(XML)  
Index to Legal Periodicals Retrospective: 1908-1981 (EBSCO)(H.W. Wilson)(XML)  
Index to Pre-1900 English Language Canadian Cultural and Literary Magazines  
Index to Printed Music (EBSCO)  
Index to the House of Commons Parliamentary Papers on CD-ROM [Great Britain]  
Index to Theses  
Index Translationum  
IndexCat (Index-Catalogue of the Library of the Surgeon-General's Office)  
Industrial and Applied Microbiology Abstracts (CSA) (ProQuest XML)  
Industry Canada  
InfoCRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission)  
InfoPOEMs - See Essential Evidence Plus  
Information Legacy: Source Material from the Commission of Inquiry into the Deployme  
IngentaConnect.com (Ingenta)  
INIS database  
Inspec (Ei Village 2)  
Interdok Directory - See Directory of published proceedings  
International Bibliography of Art (CSA) (ProQuest XML)  
International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (ProQuest)  
International Country Risk Guide (ICRG)  
International Data Base - IDB (U.S. Census Bureau)  
International dietetics and nutrition terminology (IDNT) reference manual  
International Directory of Company Histories  
International Dostoevsky Bibliography, 1985-2007  
International Encyclopedia of Communication  
International Encyclopedia of Technical Analysis  
International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences  
International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences  
International Financial Statistics ( IMF)  
International Index to Music Periodicals - See IIMP (International ...)  
International Index to the Performing Arts - See IIPA (International ...)  
International Labour Conference Record of Proceedings  
International Medieval Bibliography  
International Philosophical Bibliography  
International plant names index  
International Political Science Abstracts (EBSCO)  
Internet Data Library System (IDLS) - See Equinox  
Inventory of Statistics Canada's Questionnaires  
Investext SEE Thomson One  
iPoll Databank  
IPSA Political Science - See International Political Science Abstracts  
ISI Emerging Markets Information Service  
ISI HighlyCited.com  
ISI Web of Knowledge  
Iter Italicum  
ITER: Gateway to the Middle Ages and Renaissance  
ITPro (Books 24x7)  
Jane's Military and Security Assessments - see ref Jane's Security Library  
Jane's Security and Sentinel Security Assessment Libraries See Jane's Military and Security ...  
Jane's Security Library - See Jane's Military and Security Assessments  
JapanKnowledge / Chishiki tansaku saito  
JBI COnNECT + ((See ref)Joanna Briggs Institute- MTL6102)  
Jewish Studies Source (EBSCO)  
Joanna Briggs Institute - See JBI COnNect + (MTL01620)  
Joanna Briggs Institute EBP database (Ovid)  
Job Futures  
Journal Citation Reports (ISI)  
Journal Officiel des Communautés Européennes  
JSTOR African American Studies  
JSTOR African Studies  
JSTOR Anthropology  
JSTOR Archaeology  
JSTOR Asian Studies  
JSTOR Biological Sciences  
JSTOR Business  
JSTOR Classical Studies  
JSTOR Ecology  
JSTOR Economics  
JSTOR Education  
JSTOR Finance  
JSTOR General Science  
JSTOR Geography  
JSTOR History  
JSTOR History of Science  
JSTOR Language & Literature  
JSTOR Latin American Studies  
JSTOR Mathematics  
JSTOR Middle East Studies  
JSTOR Music  
JSTOR Philosophy  
JSTOR Political Science  
JSTOR Population Studies  
JSTOR Religion  
JSTOR Slavic Studies  
JSTOR Sociology  
JSTOR Statistics  
Jurisclasseur (France)  
Jurisclasseur (Quebec)  
JustCite - McGill users only.  
Justis.com - McGill users only.  
Keesing's World News Archive  
Kew Bibliographic Databases  
Key Indicators of the Labour Market (KILM)  
Kings and Queens of Britain  
Klapp Online  
Kluwer Arbitration.com - See KluwerArbitration.com  
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