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ACLS Humanities E-Book
ACM Portal
APA Style CENTRAL -- trial until 11/2/2016
Abstracts in Anthropology
Accessible Archives
Access Engineering -- trial database added 10-12-2011; ends 11-08-2011
Allen Press
Ambrose Video
American Chemical Society
American Foreign Relations Since 1600
American Geophysical Union
American Institute of Physics
American Meteorological Society
American Society of Agricultural & Biological Engineers (ASABE)
American Society of Civil Engineering (ASCE)
American Society of Microbiology (ASM)
ASME Digital Collection (Journal of Solar Energy Engineering/J or of Electronic Packing)
Association for Computing Machinery - Computing Reviews
Association for Computing Machinery - Computer Graphics
ATLA Religion and ATLA Serials (ATLAS)
Berkeley Electronic Press
Bibliography of the History of Art (J. Paul Getty Trust) (BHA)
BioMed Central
Books in Print
Web of Knowledge -- Biological Abstracts
Researcher ID
CQ Library
CSA Illumina (LLBA, Philosopher's Index,Social Services Abstracts, Sociological Abstracts)
CSU Union Catalog
Cabell's Directories - Trial April 2013
Cambridge University Press
Chicago Manual of Style -- trial thru July 2015
Choice Reviews Online
Classical Music Library -- Alexander Street Press
Cochrane Library
CollegeSource Online
Credo Reference -- trial database thru 2-15-2012
CSIRO Publishing
DOI System
Docuseek2 -- trial database, expires 11-17-2015
Dustbooks eDirectories
Ebrary -- trial ended 9-27-2010, uncommented out per request from ML 9-1-11
EBSCO e-Journals Service
eHRAF World Cultures
E-Journal - AAPG bulletin (American Association of Petroleum Geologists)
E-Journal - Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly
E-Journal - Agronomy Journal; also Journal of Environmental Quality
E-Journal - Altacal Audubon Society
E-Journal - Amerasia Journal
E-Journal - American Accounting Assoc titles; Journal of Amer Taxation Assoc, Accounting Horizons, Issues in Accounting Educ
E-Journal - American Journal of Botany
E-Journal - American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
E-Journal -- American Journal of Health Promotion
E-Journal - American Journal of Physiology
E-Journal - American Journal of Veterinary Research
E-Journal - American Mineralogist
E-Journal - American Philosophical Quarterly -- and -- Bulletin of the Council for Research in Music Educ
E-Journal - American Society for Nutrition
E-Journal - Annals of Mathematics
E-Journal - Architectural Review
E-Journal - The Auk: Ornithological Advances
E-Journal - Botanical Society of America (Plant Science Bulletin)
E-Journal - Botany (National Research Council of Canada -- NRCC)Move this out of e-journals
E-Journal - British Journal of Sports Medicine
E- Journal - Business Week
E-Journal - Canadian Journal of Animal Science (and Canadian Journal of Soil Science)
E-Journal - Canadian Journal of Public Health
E-Journal - Canadian Journal of Microbiology
E-Journal - Canadian Journal of Zoology
E-Journal - California Academy of Sciences
E-Journal - California Agriculture
E-Journal - Canadian Field-Naturalist
E-Journal - California History
E-Journal - Cartographic Perspectives
E-Journal - Cartographica
E-Journal - Castanea
E-Journal - Charleston Advisor
E-Journal - Communication Arts
E-Journal - Congressional Digest
E-Journal - Contemporary Literature
E-Journal - Copeia
E-Journal - Crop Science; also Vadose Zone Journal
E-Journal - Current History
E-Journal - Diabetes
E-Journal - Diabetes Care
E-Journal - The Diapason
E-Journal - Earth (American Geological Institute)
E-Journal - Earthquake Spectra
E-Journal - Ecology, Ecological Monographs (2 titles)
E-Journal - Endocrinology
E-Journal - Environment and Planning
E-Journal - Exceptional Parent
E-Journal - Experimental Biology and Medicine
E-Journal - Exposure draft : proposed statement of financial accounting standards
E-Journal - Eye Magazine
E-Journal - The FASEB (The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology) Journal
E-Journal - Families in society
E-Journal - Family Planning Perspectives
E-Journal - Feminist Review
E-Journal - Field Research Corporation
E-Journal - Financial Analysts Journal
E-Journal - Focus (Madison)
E-Journal - For the Learning of Mathematics
E-Journal - Genetics
E-Journal - Germanistik
E-Journal - Harvard Educational Review
E-Journal - Historical Geography
E-Journal - Herpetologica
E-Journal - In Practice
E-Journal - Industrial and Labor Relations Review
E-Journal - Inquiry (Chicago)
E-Journal - Intellectual and developmental disabilities: publication of the AAIDD
E-Journal - JEMS
E-Journal - Journal of Agriculture Food Systems and Community Development
E-Journal - Journal of Animal Science
E-Journal - Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis
E-Journal - Journal of Applied Physiology
E-Journal - Journal of Applied Social Science
E-Journal - Journal of Athletic Training
E-Journal - Journal of Clinical Psychiatry
E-Journal - Journal of Experimental Biology
E-Journal - Journal of Field Archaeology (also Journal of Museum Education)
E-Journal - Journal of General Virology
E-Journal - Journal of Geoscience Education
E-Journal - Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry
E-Journal - The Journal of Horticultural Science & Biotechnology
E-Journal - Journal of Mammology
E-Journal - Journal of Nursing Education
E-Journal - Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy
E-Journal - Journal of Parasitology
E-Journal - Journal of Park and Recreation Administration
E-Journal - Journal of Philosophy
E-Journal - Journal of Soil and Water Conservation
E-Journal - Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs
E-Journal - Journal of Systemic Therapies: JST
E-Journal - Journal of the American College of Nutrition
E-Journal - Journal of the American Medical Association, JAMA
E-Journal - Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science / also HortScience
E-Journal - Journal of Women's Health (2002)
E-Journal - Labor Law Journal
E-Journal - Language, Speech, & Hearing Services in Schools
E-Journal - Library Issues
E-Journal – Louisiana Agriculture (LSU Ag Center)
E-Journal Magill's Medical Guide
E-Journal - Marketing Science
E-Journal - Mathematics Teaching
E-Journal Medicine and Sciences in Sports and Exercise
E-Journal - Microbiology
E-Journal - Middle East Report
E-Journal - Middle Mountain Foundation
E-Journal - Monatshefte
E-Journal - Mycologia
E-Journal - NACTA journal (National Association of Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture)
E-Journal - The National Council of Teachers of English
E-Journal - Neurology
E-Journal New German Critique
E-Journal New York Review of Books
E-Journal Newsletter on Intellectual Freedom
E-Journal - Numen; International Review of the History of Religions
E-Journal - Nursing Times
E-Journal - Ohio Historical Society
E-Journal - Pacific Journal of Mathematics
E-Journal - Perceptual and Motor Skills
E-journal - The Philosophical review
E-Journal - The Plant Cell: American Society of Plant Biologists
E-Journal - Plant Physiology: American Society of Plant Biologists
E-Journal - Prehospital Emergency Care
E-Journal - Proceedings & newsletter (North American Society for Sport History)
E-Journal - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
E-Journal - Public Administration Quarterly
E-Journal - Public Citizen News -- Also Health Letter
E-Journal - Publications of the Modern Language Association of America
E-Journal - Rangelands
E-Journal - Reproduction
E-Journal - Rhodora
Science - AAAS
E-Journal - Review of Economics and Statistics
E-Journal - Revista Iberoamericana
E-Journal - The Sixteenth Century Journal
Social Studies and the Young Learner
E-Journal - Soil Science Society of America Journal
E-Journal - The Teaching Professor
E-Journal - The Veterinary record
E-Journal - Weed Science
E-Journal - Western North American naturalist
E-Journal - Wines and Vines
Early English Books Online
Emerald Library
Encyclopdia of Social Work (Oxford) -- trial 2/5/2016
ERIC Documents
E-Subscribe (ERIC Document Reproduction Service)
Secure Factiva
Film Platform
GPO Access -- replaced by FDsys (2011)
Global Road Warrior -- trial, ends 5-15-2016
Google Scholar
Homeland Security Digital Library
Geological Society of America (bulletin, Geosphere, Geology)
IEEE Computer Society Digital Library
IOP -- Institute of Physics
Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)
JoVE -- trial thru 7-31-2015
Kanopy Video Streaming
Kraus Curriculum Development
LexisNexis -- Academic Universe
Mango Languages Academic
Material ConneXion
Mergent Online
Meriam Library Building Management Student Employees
MINTeL Reports
Morningstar Investment Research Center (MIRC) -- trial 4-9-2012
Musical Theater Songs
NBC Learn
National Climatic Data Center (b15566493, b16892896, b16892902)
National Geographic -- trial 10-30-2013
Nature Publishing Group
netLibrary root
Newsbank/Readex Databases
Nursing Education in Video
OCLC FirstSearch (Anthropology Plus, GeoBASE)
OregonPDF in health & performance
Oxford Journals
Oxford Art Online
Oxford English Dictionary
Oxford Language Dictionaries Online
Oxford Music Online
Oxford Reference Online
Oxford Scholarship -- (ebook b2488289~S13)
Palgrave Connect -- database trial, added 10-4-2011; ends 10-21-2011
Periodicals List -- Metalib Chancellor's Office
Project Muse
ProQuest -- trial 10-1-2015 -- trial 1-27-2016
RAND California
Reference Universe -- trial 30 days -- approx 10-1-2013
RIA Checkpoint Tax System -- Library URL
RIA Checkpoint Tax System -- Tax Students' Portal
Rock's Backpages -- trial thru 9/20/2012
Roper Center (iPOLL databank)
Safari Books
Sage Publications
Salem Press Literature (Series: Critical Insights)
SciFinder Scholar (CAS) (/lacq/local_only/scifinder.html)
SEPM Society for Sedimentary Geology
SimplyMap -- Trial database until 3-24-2017
Social Explorer -- trial until 3-17-2017
Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage
Statista -- trial 4/2016
Taylor & Francis journals, formerly Informaworld, 8/4/2011
The University of California Press
The University of Chicago Press
WestlawNext Campus Research
Wildlife Society
Wiley Online
AnthroSource 2.0 -- note: make sure that the AnthroSource 2.0 stanza follows the Wiley Online Library stanza
Passport GMID (Euromonitor)
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