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پاسخ های دیدگاه ها ارسال شده توسط scientificjournals

  1. سلام اخي الكريم

    how can i find the passwords for the university.
    there are forums on the net to learn.
    thank you

    1. scientificjournals


      It depends on injection skills to get passwords. This is not easy because of growing complexity established by universities by the time.

    2. (نمایش 1 پاسخ دیگر داده شده به این وضعیت)

  2. Hi, Do you have database of Air Force Medical Service? or other University database or eproxy that can create UpTodate account for 6 months?

    I will pay for your.


  3. تا اطلاع ثانوی وقتم آزاده، میتونین درخواست اکانت بدین :)