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تمامی مطالب نوشته شده توسط scientificjournals

  1. scientificjournals

    Credo Online Reference Service
  2. scientificjournals

    African American Registry "The most comprehensive on-line database resource of African American heritage in the world."
  3. scientificjournals

    Oxford Academic Journals
  4. scientificjournals

  5. scientificjournals

    Sesame Street eBooks
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  7. scientificjournals

    National Geographic Virtual Library

    A complete, cross-searchable archive of the National Geographic magazine from 1888 to the present (2020), books, videos, maps, and featured images.
  8. scientificjournals

    Access Science

    This database offers more than 8500 articles covering all major scientific disciplines, 115,000+ definitions of scientific terms, biographies of well-known scientific figures, images and animations illustrating key topics, and videos highlighting the life and work of award-winning scientists.
  9. scientificjournals

    A to Z Maps Online

    This resource contains more than 145,000 maps to view, download, and print including historic, scientific, government, political, and environmental maps of the world.
  10. scientificjournals

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  11. scientificjournals

    Nursing Reference Center Plus

    Nursing Reference Center Plus is a well-designed reference tool which can be a manual for nurses and health care professionals. This e-database provides related clinical information which is appropriate for nurses, hospital managers, nursing students and librarians. This is the best and latest clinical references from thousands full-text.
  12. scientificjournals