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Duke Journal of Comparative & International Law

Asia Pacific Journal on Human Rights and the Law

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Dictionary of New Zealand Biography


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Michigan Telecommunications & Technology Law Review

Yale Human Rights & Development Law Journal


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Title Twin Reflections: A Consumer-Driven Schizophrenia Workshop

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Academic Leadership

Academy of Marketing Science Review

Advancing Women in Leadership

Bioline International

African Journal of Biotechnology

AgBio Forum

American Historical Review

William and Mary Quarterly

Educational Technology & Society

Australian Journal of Educational & Developmental Psychology

Journal of Statistics Education

Journal of Technology Education



m e sharpe journals

Practical Assessment, Research and Evaluation

IIHR Newsletter

Vertebrate Pest Research Newsletter

journals of The Royal Society

Newspaper Publishers Association

Film & Music Society


Cawthron Annual Report

Southport NZ

International Service for Human Rights


IFCC 2002 Annual Report

Australian Council for Computers in Education


Reserve Bank of Australia


BCAR Index


Balkan Journal of Geometry and Its Applications

Cambridge Centre for Behavioural Studies


BioTech & Devel

Forum, qualitativesocial research

Nineteenth Century Art

Media Ownership & Democracy

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Croatica Chemica Acta

Cromohs cyber review of modern historiography

Cultural Logic

Current issues in education

Demographic Research

Department of Labour 1999 briefing to ministers.

University of California Press

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Library philosophy and practice


Differential geometry-dynamical systems

Directed and applied evolution

Electronics letters

International electronic journal for leadership in learning


American national biography online

Education next

Education policy analysis archives

Educational action research

Electronic musicological review

Electronic communications in probability

Electronic journal of Australian and New Zealand history

Electronic journal of biotechnology

Electronic journal of combinatorics

Electronic musician

Electronic journal of differential equations

Electronic journal of linear algebra

Electronic transactions on numerical analysis



Essays in education

Essential annual reports / PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Fact book (New Zealand Stock Exchange)

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Grove Music Online

RDS Business Reference Suite

Glaciological data

Book review digest plus

Latin American Regional Reports

EURASIP journal on applied signal processing. electronic resource

EURASIP journal on wireless communications and networking electronic resource

Article 2 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

Foreign control watchdog


Genome biology

Geographical papers

Health promotion : global perspectives

Interactive multimedia electronic journal of computer-enhanced learning

International education journal

International journal of education & the arts

International journal of educational technology

International journal of special education.

International journal of transgenderism


test catalogue

Annual report / Fisher & Paykel Healthcare.

Journal of park and recreation administration

International review of research in open and distance learning


Issues in educational research

Ivey business quarterly

Journal for Christian theological research

Journal for cultural and religious theory

Journal of artificial intelligence research

Journal of artificial societies and social simulation

Journal of biology

Journal of construction education

Journal of corrosion science and engineering

Vadose zone journal

APEC : Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Fulltext Studies

Journal of educational enquiry

Journal of evolution and technology

New Zealand journal of human resources management

Journal of extension

Journal of graph algorithms and applications

Journal of industrial technology

Journal of inequalities in pure and applied mathematics

Journal of integer sequences

Journal of interactive online learning

Europa world

World of learning

Journal of modern applied statistical methods

Journal of mundane behavior

Journal of online mathematics and its applications

Journal of religion & society

Journal of statistical software

MPEG: Mathematical physics electronic journal

Journal of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association

Journal of world-systems research



Reports on America

Microbial cell factories

Music & anthropology

Music theory online

Nelson Mail

Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior

New York journal of mathematics

New Zealand forest industries

New Zealand magazine handbook

New Zealand medical journal

Optics express

Other voices


Pacific Neogene event studies for the 21st century

Papers / Public Issues Committee of the Auckland District Law Society

Peace economics, peace science, and public policy

Jewish encyclopedia

Polish music journal

LFP Test Server

LFP Production

Quodlibet online journal of Christian theology and philosophy

Summary analysis of submissions in response to the discussion paper

Trade forum

West Africa review

Western criminology review

Women in Judaism

Journal of physical studies

Accounting education

Journal of computer-mediated communication

Evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine.

Taiwan yearbook


Electrochemical society interface

Journal of the Electrochemical Society

NZ Exemplars


New Zealand for free

Public history news

Acta arithmetica

DOI (needed for Ingenta Journals routing to ScienceDirect)




New Zealand journal of tertiary education policy


Essential teacher : ET

Provenco Group Limited annual report


Circa maths magazine

Annual report of the health and disability commissioner

DSL online

Catalogue of strains

Chemical warfare agent (CWA) sea dumping off Australia


Journal of labor research

International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology


Clinical Neuropsychologist


Youth 2000

Brief history of government funding for industry training 1989-2002

New Zealand stream health monitoring and assessment kit

Internet Safety Group

Cutting Edge

International marine environmental law companion website

Evaluation of knowledge and innovation reforms consultation report

CSL Publications


H net book reviews

Te Rau Tipu M�ori Mental Health Child & Adolescent Workforce Conference

Guide to registration of political parties and party logos

Harry Hall's World War One diary

JCB Online

Journal of biological chemistry

Nanotechnology Report of the Toi Te Taiao

International Symposium on Freedom of Information

Plant physiology

Project Aqua

Cycle-friendly employer



Trader voices from the trading post

Handbook of the Convention on Biological Diversity

Beyond productivity

National regulations in the European Union regarding research on human embryos

Education theses in New Zealand libraries

Welfare and the domestic economy of Indigenous families

Online ANU papers

Catalogue of New World grasses

Sky City Annual Report


O*Net Online


Dekker journals

Seriously Asia

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology

Screen international

New dialogue

Bringing out the dead

Child-friendly index

An Introduction to genetic analysis

Healing the past

Nga korero a nga tipuna ki Rangitaiki


Snapshot of what parents think of schooling in New Zealand

Historical Mathematical Monographs


New Zealand Universities Law Review

Perspective on decision analysis applications

New Zealand journal of teachers' work

Open Polytechnic papers

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

Annual bulletin of historical literature

Knovel E-books


Childrens thinking

Psychonomic publications

Rebuilding state and nation in Solomon Islands

Windows & Net magazine

Research letters in the information and mathematical sciences.

Transparency International's Quarterly Newsletter

High quality PE and sport for young people

Asia Pacific public relations journal


Ideas for growth?

NGC Annual Report

Northland Port Corporation Annual Report

American mineralogist

Asia pacific journal of arts


MacRaes Bluebook

Canadian Trade Index

PLOS medicine

JAS review of books

New Zealand pest plant manual

Asia-Studies Full-text Online

Information resource management journal

Danz diary

Impacts of a warming Arctic

Arctic Report

Trentham books

Nations in transit

new zealand rugby museum

Commercial risks and opportunities in the New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand health policy

Journal of physical activity and health

General short form disclosure statement - ANZ

Policy Research Division working papers

Population council working paper

Best fish guide

Promoting the mental health and wellbeing of new arrival communities

Regional Trends

Carnegie Annual Report


Decisions of the Advertising Standards Complaints Board.

Journal of physical activity and health

THE - Times Higher Education

Accommodation options for older people in Aotearoa/New Zealand

P.o.v. : a Danish journal of film studies


Tenon Ltd - Annual Report

New Zealand forest industries directory.

Ethology ecology and evolution

Bartleby Books


OECD iLibrary

Journal of chemical education


Engravings on wood

Literacy across the curriculum

IJMR International Journal of Market Research

Multilingual matters


Advances in geosciences

Advances in theoretical and mathematical physics ATMP.


AIG journal

Alcohol research and health


Analytical sciences

Annals of Longterm care


Anthropological science

Applied mathematics e-notes

Applied Sciences


Asian development review

Diagnostic Study of Accounting and Auditing Practices in the Philippines

Athletic insight

Australasian journal of logic

Australian journal of educational technology

Australian journal of emerging technologies and society

Bioscience education e-journal


Bright lights

Financial reporting, regulation and governance

Canadian journal of communication

Canadian journal of learning and technology

Cato journal

Chinese journal of chemistry

Complexity international

Cost effectiveness and resource allocation

E-journal of instructional science and technology

Early childhood research and practice


Electronic journal of business ethics and organization studies

Functional requirements for bibliographic records

Electronic journal of contemporary Japanese studies

electronic journal of evolutionary modeling and economic dynamics

electronic journal of geotechnical engineering

Electronic journal of qualitative theory of differential equations

Electronic magazine of multicultural education

Electronic transactions on artificial intelligence

ELSA selected papers on European law

Environmental health


Essays in philosophy

Ethics in science and environmental politics

Future of children

Game studies

Genetics and molecular biology


Global media journal

global review of ethnopolitics

Harm reduction journal

Harvard human rights journal

Health research policy and systems

Human resources for health

IBM journal of research and development

industrial geographer




International archives of bioscience

International family planning perspectives

International journal for equity in health

international journal of behavioral nutrition and physical activity

Jewish studies

Journal for critical education policy studies

Journal of biosciences

Journal of Buddhist ethics

Journal of data science

Journal of digital information

Journal of electronic commerce research

journal of electronic publishing

Journal of empirical generalisations in marketing science

Journal of geographic information and decision analysis

Journal of information technology education

Journal of international women�s studies

Intercultural communication

Journal of machine learning research

journal of philosophy, science & law

Journal of physiological anthropology and applied human science

Journal of political ecology

journal of religion and film

Journal of religion and popular culture

Journal of research and practice in information technology

journal of scholarship of teaching and learning

Journal of spatial hydrology

Journal of sports science & medicine

journal of technology, learning, and assessment

Journal of the Association for History and Computing

journal of virtual environments

knowledge tree

Language & literacy

Materials Research

LMS journal

Materials physics and mechanics

Medical journal of Australia


Mots pluriel


New England law review

Nuclear receptor


Online journal of peace and conflict resolution

Philosophers imprint


Popular musicology online

Population trends


Proteome science


Public administration and management

qualitative report

Reading in a foreign language

Renaissance forum

Review of network economics

Romanticism on the net


Southeast European politics

Sport journal

Sports nutrition review journal

Technology electronic reviews

School fires in New Zealand



Hoea ra

High-quality access

Danz net

Law in transition

New Zealand 2005 adventure guide

Smoking gun

Nips journals


LIANZA annual report

EEO Trust

Sing Out


Bilingual research journal

Contemporary issues in technology and teacher education

Electronic journal of research in educational psychology

Heritage language journal

International journal for mathematics teaching and learning

PLOS computational biology

PLOS genetics

American journal of applied sciences

International journal of biological sciences

Journal of family welfare

Computer bulletin


MIT Press

New Zealand Principal

ACE papers

Journal of Machine Learning Research

Information technology, learning, and performance journal

Australian academic and research libraries

African studies quarterly

Internet journal of law, healthcare, and ethics

Homology, homotopy, and applications

Electronic journal of differential equations

Early modern literary studies. Regular series


Chemical journal on Internet

Educause review


Ecology and society

Electronic musicological review

The electronic journal of human sexuality

Ethnomusicology online

Graduate journal of Asia-Pacific studies

International journal of Scottish theatre

International journal of health geographics

Australian educational researcher

IEEE distributed systems online

International journal of qualitative methods

Australia and New Zealand health policy

Australasian journal of disaster and trauma studies

Applied theatre researcher


International journal of educational technology

Internet electronic journal of molecular design

Journal of Eurasian research

The journal of religion and film

Journal of religion & society

Journal of physiological anthropology and applied human science

Journal of integer sequences

Journal of sports science & medicine

Living reviews in relativity

The oncologist



Directory Society of Australasian Social Psychologists

Book for keeps

Palaeontologia electronica

Stanford technology law review


Current issues in comparative education

World Wide Web journal of biology

Theory and science

Journal of distance education

Maori land legislation



Directory of Open Access Journals

Volunteering and ethnic communities

Rekishi kaido

Exercise files

Annual Registry

Te Mura o te Ahi

Environmental toxicology and chemistry

Review Asia NZ Foundation

School of Law newsletter

Werrycentre report

Book 2

ASIL guide

Population reports

Highest common factor



Earth interactions

Journal of hospitality, leisure, sports and tourism

Panui TRW

Federal Law Review


Draft descriptive standards

Teachers talk about NCEA

Annual Report CoalNZ

Journal of Maps

Cardiovascular disease in New Zealand,

Oxford Journals


Food for sport

Working papers Monash


Applied theatre researcher


Know your audience

Heritage New Zealand Journal


Westminister papers in communication and culture

Human rights solidarity


The New Word

Aus. geo news

Applied optics

Journal of the Optical Society of America A

Journal of the Optical Society of America. B

Optics Infobase

Defence Update

OECD factbook

Carnegie Yearbook

Optic letters

Defending New Zealand RSA

Issues and options for government intervention in the market for terrorism insurance

Journal of distance education

Annual Report Powerco

Human rights and human welfare


Ethnobotany research and applications

Womens health and urban life

Australian ejournal for the advancement of mental health

Journal of education for international development

Quantifying compliance costs of small businesses in New Zealand



Civil liability for invasion of privacy

Inwood International

Natural gas industry

Review of the legality of weapons


After the tsunami

Starters and strategies


IEEE Computer Society Digital Library

Physical review letters

Station amusements in New Zealand

Longwoods Publishing

Commonwealth Legal Information Institute

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health


Zen Garden

Survey of Energy Resources

Putting Children First

Fumpston works


Natural hazards update

Journal of cognitive affective learning

Theory of computing

Annals of general psychiatry

Journal of social sciences

Perception and psychophysics

Australasian journal of regional studies

Update NIWA

Fibreculture journal


Early new zealand books

Working for families in New Zealand

New Zealand journal of ecology

New Zealand journal of ecology 2

University of Auckland Business Review

ERIC Clearinghouse on Elementary and Early Childhood Education papers

Bank of England quarterly bulletin

ILR Review

Solicitors journal


Preparing financial statements - Grant Samkin

Tea Updates

Engineering Village 2


International journal of not-for-profit law

European integration online papers

Studies on Asia

Web journal of current legal issues

EARSeL eProceedings

Journal of community informatics

Journal of biological research

Annual Report National Australia Bank

Russian mathematical surveys

Duke University Press

E-journal of applied psychology


Ejournal of egovernment

Journal of eliteracy

Ars Disputandi



Electronic journal of elearning

Electronic journal of eGovernment

Evolutionary psychology

Globalization and health

Nga Kohinga

Ecological Society of America

Legislation violations

World of work

Don't just talk say something

ICT in schools 2005

Thwarted innovation

ICT in schools 2001

New Zealand Film


Southern African Legal Information Institute

New Zealand Legal Information Institute

LII Legal Information Institute

Law Commission ninth programme of law reform

Aboriginal customary law

Across the disciplines

Action, criticism and theory for music education

Applied psychology in criminal justice


Gold bulletin


Journal of authentic learning

Lean construction journal

Medieval review

Northwestern journal of technology and intellectual property

Reviews in History


Bryn Mawr

Conservation and society

First peoples child and family review

International journal of whole schooling

Japanese journal of religious studies

FAO bulletin of statistics

Victoria University Geography Papers

Japan�s Official Development Assistance

Creating tourism knowledge

Journal of computer-mediated communication

Ngata Online Maori-English Dictionary

Sociology - Hidden Curriculum

schwab learning


NZEI rourou

In the public interest - the future of Canadian copyright law


Migration letters

Montana math enthusiast


International journal of progressive education

Janus head

Journal of health, population and nutrition

Pakistan journal of applied sciences

Journal of special education technology


Polar bioscience

Human technology

Journal of computational and applied mechanics


Annual Report Retirement Commission

International Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science

Transpower National Grid

Privacy Act 1993 guidelines for law practitioners.


International Management Journals

APN Annual Reports

google coop

Journal of Biological Chemisitry

Changing faces of virtual education

Waikato Militia of the 1860s

Shell New Zealand Sustainability Reports

Internet governance a primer

NZDF policies and practices relating to physical, sexual and other abuses

Greening the screen

Whitespace gallery

Hamilton City Website

Energy supply in the post-Maui era

Insights children & young people speak out about family discipline

Palgrave Journals


Contributions to zoology

Journal of online learning and teaching

Substance abuse treatment, prevention and policy

Journal of applied economics

Biology direct

AAPPS Bulletin

Adult Education and Development

African Journal of Criminology and Justice Studies

African Journal of Environmental Assessment and Management

African Journal on Conflict Resolution

Algorithms for Molecular Biology

Asian Journal of Mathematics


Communications in Information and Systems

Dynamics of Partial Differential Equations



Evidence Based Library and Information Practice


Information Sciences for Decision Making

Inquiries in Sport & Physical Education

International Journal of Community Music

International Journal of Online Engineering

Journal of gambling issues

Journal of the Iranian Chemical Society

Journal of the Oxford University History Society

School & Feminist Online

School library media quarterly online

Science, Technology & Innovation Studies

Scientia Agr�cola

Scientific Internacional Journal

Theoretical Economics

World Journal of Agricultural Sciences

Biomedical research

International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology

Industrial data


ISYP Journal on Science and World Affairs

International Journal for Educational Integrity

Marine turtle newsletter

South Central Music Bulletin



Animal reproduction

Biodiversity science

Contributions to Discrete Mathematics

Interdisciplinary Journal of Information, Knowledge, and Management

International Research Journal of Finance and Economics

SKY Journal of Linguistics

Technical Acoustics

IBS Journal of Science

Journal of Behavioral and Applied Management

Journal of Mathematical Physics, Analysis, Geometry

Journal of Yasar University

Music therapy today

Producing open source software

Grant seeker�s guide to successful funding applications

Peace economics, peace science and public policy

Contemporary issues in early childhood

APEC economies newsletter

Who's got the power


World Conservation

MIT Press journals


Annual report Dorchester Pacific Limited

World Bank Reports

DB2 Magazine

لینک به دیدگاه

Increasing gender inputs into Canadian international trade policy positions at the WTO

Economic Geography

MIT Sloan Management Review

CRC Tourism

Police Complaints annual report

Journal of general management

Seeking justice an inquiry into the handling of sex offences by the criminal justice system


Wet and Wild

Te Karaka

Asian Journal of Biochemistry

British postgraduate musicology

Canadian Online Journal of Queer Studies in Education

Cardiff Corvey

Communications in Biometry and Crop Science

cybrarians journal

International Journal of Speleology

Journal of Military and Strategic Studies

Journal on Satisfiability, Boolean Modeling and Computation


Cultural analysis

Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences

Journal of population research

Journal of STEM

Journal of Stem education

Geochemical transactions

Journal of internet banking and commerce

Sustainable end-of-life options for plastics in New Zealand

Journal of Great Lakes Research

Papers of surrealism

Parallel trade, international exhaustion and intellectual property rights

University of Waikato academic audit report

Real work

Managing well

Implementation Science

Journal of Occupational Medicine and Toxicology

International journal of design computing


Behvioral and brain functions

Sustainability: Science, Practice and Policy

Working papers in functional grammar

Financial Analysyts Journal

Radical Philosophy

Advances in Cognitive Psychology

CW3: Corvey Women Writers on the Web

Gay and Lesbian Issues and Psychology Review

Kritikos. Journal of postmodern cultural sound, text and image




Cell Division

Earth Sciences Research Journal

Image Analysis and Stereology

International Journal of Computers, Communications & Control

Journal of Learning Design

PLoS Clinical Trials

PLoS Medicine

PLoS Pathogens

Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems

Working papers in Art & Design

American academic



NZ Freshwater Sciences Society Newsletters

Teacher Scholastic


Annual report Promina Group

Schuler Solutions

Building Collaborative Solutions (BCS)

Webster's World of Cultural Democracy

Journal of sedimentary research

Carbon Balance and Management

Financial Counseling and Planning

International Journal of Criminal Justice Sciences

International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning

Journal of International Commercial Law and Technology

New Zealand Oil & Gas Limited annual report



Publications of the faculty of Electrical Engineering,series Mathematics


Recipe for reading research

Right brain or left brain

Electronic engineering design


Productivity perspectives

Image and narrative

International journal of knowledge management

Statistica sinica

Praeger Security International

South Taranaki District Council Annual Plan


New Zealand Geographic

Beyond the holding tank

NZ Census of Womens Participation 2006

Born to be free

NZ fossil spores and pollen

Going smokefree in NZ

Morgan and Claypool

Australian Journal of Emergency Management

Composition Forum

General and applied plant physiology

Global Bioethics

Hamburg review of social sciences

International journal of ageing and later life

Journal of religion and theatre

Leonardo Electronic Journal of Practices and Technologies

Leonardo Journal of Sciences


Scalable computing

Austrian studies in social anthropology

International Journal of Public Information Systems

Rhetroical review



International Journal of Computer Science

Journal of Latin American hermeneutics

Criminal responsibility for domestic discipline

Ocean blueprint for the 21st century

Sustainable fisheries

Oslo manual

Adapting to climate change in eastern New Zealand

Investing in Japan

New Zealand and transnational family obligation

Young people producing careers and identities

Australian and New Zealand competition and consumer protection regimes

GM foods

Review of workplace-based alcohol and other drug early intervention

Cabells online directories


UNWTO news



Check List

Contemporary aesthetics


General and applied plant physiology

Global Tourism

JK Science

JK Practitioner

Journal of Cell and Molecular Biology

Journal of Faculty of Educational Sciences

Pan-American Journal of Aquatic Sciences

Raffles Bulletin of Zoology


Web Journal on Cultural Patrimony

Fletcher building

Tindall Foundation annual report

Newsletter/te reo

New Zealand constructed wetland planting guidelines

News of Antarctic Heritage Trust

Overseas Development Institute

Asian EFL Journal

Association for Computing Machinery New Zealand Bulletin

Engineering Economics

Journal of Genetic Genealogy

Linguistics Journal

English Short Title Catalogue

English Short Title Catalogue userguide


Enculturation: A Journal of Rhetoric, Writing, and Culture

Journal of genetics

Annual Report Meat & Wool New Zealand


Managing Global Transitions

New Perspectives on Political Economy

North Carolina libraries


Rangikainga Panui

Statement of intent - Childrens commissioner

Microscopy in focus

Kiwi Income Property Trust annual report

Annual report Port Taranaki Limited

Annual Report Fiji Development Bank


Innovation Journalism

Journal of Technology Management & Innovation

Defining Gender

18thc. Journals

He kÅrero whÄinga - Our purpose

Life sciences education

Journal of cell science

Journal of experimental biology


Behavior change

Tuanz topics

RoadFacts 2005

Alberta Law Reform

Input-output tables product details, Australian national accounts

Annual report Malaghan Institute of Medical Research

Wildlife biology in practice

Annual report and financial statements King Country Energy Limited

Lion Nathan

Annual report Millennium & Copthorne Hotels New Zealand

Sexual boundaries in the doctor-patient relationship

Apex - The New Zealand Journal of Gifted Education

Diffusion Fundamentals

Ecological and Environmental Anthropology

International Journal of Computer Science & Applications

ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Latin American Essays

Living Reviews in European Goverance

Aids research and therapy

American Diplomacy

Annals of Nuclear Medicine

Australian Prescriber

Avian Conservation and Ecology

Behavior and social issues

Biomedical digital libraries

Organization science

Operations research


Information systems research


Taylor & Francis Group Journals

Fight the Obesity Epidemic

Earl of Seacliff Christmas surprise

Treaty of Waitangi settlements process

Indigenous issues - human rights and indigenous issues

Assessing the evidence on indigenous socioeconomic outcomes


Annual report - Film New Zealand

New Zealanders views on threats and protection in the marine environment

Market reform - lessons from New Zealand

Physics today

In their own words - policy implications from the Wanganui Adult Literacy

Physics Today

Global media journal - mediterranean edition

International journal of communication

JAQM - Journal of applied quantitative methods

International journal of education policy and leadership

Third education group review

Current oncology

Journal of communications

Journal of institutional research - South East Asia

Journal of the Canadian Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Journal of Vectorial Relativity

Pacific Northwest Fungi

Tradition & Discovery

Upsala Journal of Medical Sciences

GAPSS 2006 - findings from the Gay Auckland Periodic Sex Survey

Links in Catalogue that link to UOW Pages

Australian Institute of Judicial Administration

Handbook for Maori Organisations - introduction to clusters

Hui tuakana 2005 futures planning

Foreign Affairs


Journal of derivatives

Journal of fixed income

Journal of Risk

New Zealand Journal of Physiotherapy



Annals of Surgical Innovation and Research

Conflict and health

Economics, Management, and Financial Markets

Windows IT Pro

Women in sport & physical activity journal

Their space


Industrial unionism

Rutherford journal

What's On Hamilton

CIGR ejournal










Durham anthropological journal

Annual report - International Food Policy Research Institute

Ejournal of reservoir engineering


E-preservation science


European Journal of Comparative Economics

Foucault Studies

Graduate journal of social science

Heritage journal


Indo-Pacific journal of phenomenology

International Journal of Education and Development using Information and Communication Technology

International review of economics education

Internet journal of allied health sciences and practice

Journal for crime, conflict and media culture



Journal of applied sciences

Journal of computing and information technology

Journal of language and linguistics

Journal of object technology

Journal of pediatric neurosciences

Journal of research for consumers

Journal of trandisciplinary environmental studies

Law, environment and development journal

Logical Methods in Computer Science

M/C Journal


Nuclear technology and radiation protection

Pantaneto forum




Reflecting education


Social work and society

Studies in informatics and control

Studies in learning, evaluation, innovation and developmemt

Thermal Science


International Journal of Design

International journal of teaching and learning

Journal of knowledge management practice

Library student journal

MARS - International journal of Mars Science and Exploration

Partnership - Canadian Journal of Library and Information Practice and Research


EXCLI Journal

Financial theory and practice

FULGOR - Flinders University Languages Group Online Review

International electronic journal of mathematics education

Journal of information literacy

Journal of Men, Masculinities and Spirituality

Methodological innovations online

Open medicine

Pediatric Rheumatology

Taiwan journal of linguistics

Transitional Waters Bulletin

English teaching - practice and critique

Ka Mate Ka Ora - New Zealand Journal of Poetry and Poetics

Spreadsheets in education

Men at work - sexism in early childhood education

Women in sport & physical activity journal

Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO)

IAHS publication

INFINZ journal

Economic Policy Reforms


Annual Report Aviation Industry Association of New Zealand

Sprouts working papers on information environments, systems and organizations


Hawaii Pacific Journal index

Communications in Information Literacy

Educate journal

Electronic Journal of Health Informatics

Empirical Musicology Review

Indian Journal of Orthopaedics

Indian Journal of Psychiatry

International Socialism

Restaurant Brands Annual Report

ICJ Legal Resource Center

New Zealand Educational Theses Database

Telecom Annual Report

University of Canterbury Annual Report

Insurance & Savings Ombudsman�s report Annual Report

Goat Review

Monthly e-zine

Regional Rap

Sexual coercion among gay men

Research in New Zealand performing arts

Handbook of reparations

Play press


Alpha Investor

Issues in communicating the impacts of climate change policy options


In Transit

Social Justice Commission of the Anglican Church

New Zealand Investment Journal

Chronicle University of Canterbury

Spectrum magazine

Tu Mai

Notional a political parody party

California Agriculture

EIU ViewsWire

Credo Reference

Newsletter - Archives and Records Association of New Zealand Inc.

The Source

Construction contracts - law and practice


Economic Sociology

Evolutionary Bioinformatics

Journal of Teaching and Learning

Judgment and decision making

Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal

Journal for the Renewal of Religion and Theology

Signa Vitae

Studies in Christian-Jewish Relations


Organic NZ

Annual Report WEL Networks


Elements magazine

Geological materials research

Consumer unity and trust society

Graduate opportunities in Australia & New Zealand

Love to sing at the zoo

Tairawhiti conservation quorum

Labor standards in the global trading system

Chronicle of Higher Education

Classification Web

Chapman Tripp

Meat Industry Association Annual Report

Vector Annual Report

Te Reo Matatini consultation document

Boys in society and school

Childrens favourites

Corporate disclosure - strengthening the financial reporting framework

International Children's Digital Library

Water resources educational poster series supplemental teachers' kit

New Zealand webguide - connect your community

Seventeenth century news

New Zealand Journal of Forestry

French Historical Studies

New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies

Getting ahead of the curve

Food New Zealand

Maungatautari Ecological Island Trust

Asian values and the universality of human rights

Vocational education for economic transformation

Why do some headlines fail

Antarctic journal

Press Display

Library Press Display

New Zealand journal of forestry

Growing research in practice

Food markets

New Zealand energy revolution

New Zealand Security Intelligence Service

Will it take more blackouts before we see the light

Waikato Business News

Her Business

Competing to win


Changing face of the aged care sector in New Zealand

Youth sexual health

Sexual offender treatment

Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences

Knowledge ecology studies

Nonlinear Biomedical Physics

Nordic Journal of African Studies

CG Publisher - Humanities

Are the Pacific Island economies growth failures

Department of personal opinions

Maori independence site

New Zealand Historical Association

New Zealand Sign Language Week

New Zealand wine and grape industry

New Zealand journal of forestry science

Open Space


Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand


Submission from Local Government on the Draft New Zealand energy strategy to 2050

Taxation budget summary


Pu Kaea

Wood and fiber science

Pacific genes & life patents

Reserve Bank of New Zealand bulletin

Library journal

Impact of guns on women's lives

Uranium and nuclear power

New Zealand journal of media studies

Building partnerships

Child poverty in perspective


NZ Childcare

NZ Kindergarten Association

NZ Teachers Council


Kohanga Reo National Trust

NZX archive

Building human rights communities in education

Bravado companion website

Enz magazine

Nathaniel report

Outlook magazine

Interights bulletin

Gema online journal of language studies

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Sciences

Globality studies journal

Psychology science

New Zealand Breastfeeding Authority

Sustainability practices of New Zealand business 2006

New Zealand and the maori flag

CO2 science : a blog run by biologists

World climate report

Real climate

Intergovernmental panel on climate change

Accord magazine

Annual report Agriquality

Annual report Airways New Zealand

Annual report Crown Health Financing Agency

Annual report accounting standards review board

Annual report animal health board

Genesis Energy reports

APA style guide to electronic references

APEC economies newsletter

Rude the nude mouse

Liberty belle

Budget 2007 tax analysis

Communities for climate protection

Growing futures

New Zealand Election Results

Friends of the Turnbull Library

Attendance, absence and truancy in New Zealand schools in 2006

CCAHTE: Canadian Creative Arts in Health, Training and Education

City and time

eJov: Electronic Journal of Organizational Virtualness

Electronic Research Announcements in Mathematical Sciences

Engineering Education


Information and security

International journal of conflict and violence

Journal of business systems, governance and ethics

Journal of contemporary european research

Practice and Evidence of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Southwest journal of criminal justice

European papers on the new welfare

International rice research notes

Annual plan Waipa district council

Awatea review

Annual report Taupo district council

Annual report career services

Draft New Zealand Tourism strategy 2015

Franklin district council community plan

Report of the New Zealand Artificial Limb Board

Report on the Government Superannuation Fund

Statement of intent Maritime New Zealand

Talking tourism Tourism Coromandel's newsletter

Nobel e-museum

Nobel prize

Annual report of the Health Sponsorship Council

New Zealand writers ezine

Taiwan journal

Taiwan review

Taiwan panorama

9th Annual New Zealand Energy Summit

Financial analysts journal

Lloyds maritime and commercial law quarterly

Opera News

Fonterra reports

Pacific Island Forum Secretariat

Ahu whakamua the Treaty of Waitangi Fisheries Settlement what it means for you

National regulations in the European Union regarding research on human embryos


ICT in schools 2003 report

Preliminary report on soil and permafrost sampling

Annual report Landcorp Farming

Cornell law review

University of Waikato academic audit report cycle 3

Trust ownership and Vector

Counter-terrorism and human rights in New Zealand

Flash CS3

Meeting the needs of people with chronic conditions

Agricultural trade policy in developing countries during take-off


Journal of plant pathology

Public understanding of censorship

Final report Research Commission on the Constitution

Cultural and intellectual property rights

Breastfeeding, a child's right


Electronic Journal of Science Education

Higher Education in Review

International Journal of Integrative Biology

Philosophy and scripture


New Dawn Journal of Black Canadian Studies

Open Mechanics Journal

Poetess archive journal

China and Eurasia forum quarterly

Journal of Administration & Governance

Journal of Biological Engineering

Journal of Infection in Developing Countries

Journal of Interactive Advertising

Journal of Regional Analysis and Policy


New horizons in adult education

Pacific Journal of Science and Technology

PMC Physics A

Studies in the History of Ethics

Translocations Irish Migration, Race and Social Transformation Review

SLIANZ register of qualified members

New Zealand history online

Annual report earthquake commission

Annual report TVNZ

Local government and affordable housing

Code of banking practice 2007

Cyberpsychology - Journal of Psychosocial Research on Cyberpspace

Economics - The Open-Access Open-Assessment E-Journal


Electronic journal of statistics

McGill journal of education

Social studies research and practice

Annual report British psychological society

Getting through together - ethical values for a pandemic

Balanced nutrition index

Just change magazine

Te purapura Te Mangai Paho

Archaeological site recording in New Zealand

Towards a positive future

Up the creek and looking for a paddle - STITCH innovation series

Journal of biological education

Management Today

Crop & Food Research Annual Report

Taranaki District Health Board annual report

International Journal of Sociology of Agriculture and Food


Island Studies Journal

Journal of Generalized Lie Theory and Applications

Lithuanian Foreign Policy Review

Be waterwise

SMS service

Journal of human resources

RM newsletter

Land Economics

Water Safety New Zealand

Maori standards of health

Quarterly journal of engineering geology and hydrogeology

Central european journal of public policy

Communications in mathematical analysis


E-journal of severe storms meteorology

Early Modern Japan

Global Media Journal Australian edition

Homeland security affairs

Journal of e-working

Journal of the Rutgers University Libraries

Journal of trauma management outcomes

Living reviews in landscape research

Sedimentary record

Shima International journal of research into island cultures

SQS Journal of queer studies in Finland

Unbound Harvard journal of the legal left

Canadian political science review


European journal of legal studies

Irish journal of gothic and horror stories

Journal of historical biography

Journal of Tropical Agriculture

Physics and Philosophy


Vienna Yearbook of Population Research

Rethinking crime and punishment

Report - Leadership Development Centre Trust

New Zealand Association of economists

Te Aupouri

Journal of MultiDisciplinary Evaluation

New Zealand Centre for Ecological Economics

Journal of Coastal Research

Broadsheet - New Zealand Association of Resource Management


Screen news - New Zealand Screen Council

STITCH innovation series


Annual report New Zealand Symphony Orchestra

A typical meteorological year for energy simulations in Hamilton New Zealand

Actions not words - companies doing sustainability in New Zealand


Creative Commons

Demographic forecast 2051

Monthly Review

Learning by design

Mathematics essential research, essential practice - conference proceedings

Asian pacific journal of cancer prevention

BC Journal of Ecosystems and Management

Bulletin of Applied Computing and Information Technology

Code4Lib Journal


DataCritica redirect

InSight A Journal of Scholarly Teaching

International Journal of Business Science and Applied Management

International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies

International Journal of Internet Science

International journal of mental health systems

Journal of Northwest Atlantic Fishery Science

Journal of official statistics

Journal of Physics Teacher Education Online

Journal of SAT Agricultural Research

Journal of stress physiology and biochemistry

Library and Information Research

Parasites and Vectors



Social policy report


William James Studies

Annual report - Waitemata District Health Board

Annual report - Southland district health board

Guidelines for researchers on health research involving Maori

Public views on policing

Publications of the Ocean Climate Laboratory

Tainui annual report


Marketline (Datamonitor 360)


Canadian geotechnical journal

Biosecurity - Proposal to regulate the sale and use of specified leg hold traps

Working on Common Cross-cultural Communication Challenges


Intercultural communication

What is McDonaldization

Quality of life �03 in New Zealand�s eight largest cities

Intercultural Communication

Greens Party

Why cannabis must remain illegal

Marsden fund

Chemical Industry and Chemical Engineering Quarterly

Comparative Cognition & Behavior Reviews

Ege Academic Review

Elektrika Journal of Electrical Engineering

International Journal of Interoperability in Business Information Systems

International Journal of Spatial Data Infrastructures Research

Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics


A profile of tourism in the Lake Waikaremoana region

Alcohol policy

Beach fale tourism in Samoa

6+1 a child survival intervention for accessing the social networks


Drowning prevention strategy towards a water safe New Zealand

Motor vehicle crashes in New Zealand annual statistics

Resilience management


Would you like lies with that

Report of the Serious Fraud Office

I haven't told them, they haven't asked

Integrating employment, skills and economic development

Dyslexia breaking down the barriers

Sports org nz

Drug Free Sport NZ

New Zealand recreation association

New Zealand Sports Industry association

Olympic movement

Physical Education New Zealand

NgOIT 2007 workforce survey

Police complaints authority annual report

Annual review PHARMAC

Annual report public trust


Hydrology and earth system sciences

From developmental regionalism to developmental interregionalism

Procedures and conditions of accreditation

Unity for Liberty

Submission by the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions

Fair Trading Act Guidelines for broadband suppliers

Educational technology & society


Archnet International Journal of Architectural Research

Australian journal of crop science

Brazilian political science review

Communicating Astronomy with Public

International journal of the commons

MAI review

Our nature

Pain physician

Petroleum and Coal

PhaenEx Journal of Existential and Phenomenological Theory and Culture

Platform Postgraduate e-Journal of Theatre and Performing Arts

Research and practice in social sciences

Russian Analytical Digest


Survey Research Methods

Visual Culture & Gender

World History Connected The EJournal of Teaching and Learning

Informedesign database

Global age-friendly cities a guide (no electronic record)


Journal of Social Evolutionary and Cultural Psychology

Review of the New Zealand Press Council 2007

Overview of fish production

NZ History newsletter

Bluegreen vision for new zealand

Statement of intent Research and Education Advanced Network New Zealand

Australian commodity statistics

Child forum summit

Astronomy Aotearoa

Human reproductive research in New Zealand

Annual Report Transport Accident Investigation Commission

UNFPA papers

Newsletter of the American shore and beach preservation society


Newsletter Riverlea Environment Society

Business and economic history online

Elearning papers

European journal of ePractice

International Journal for Service Learning in Engineering

International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security

Journal of Interdisciplinary Music Studies

Journal of Language Contact

McGill Science Undergraduate Research Journal


Australian health review

Aus health

Word for word


American Fisheries Society

Journal of women's health

Biotechnology for biofuels

Breast Cancer Basic and Clinical Research

Lex et Scientia

MLA Forum

South African Journal of Human Resource Management

South African Journal of Industrial Psychology

Annual report The Agricultural and Marketing Research and Development Trust

Journal of Health Services Research and Policy

Dairy industry strategy for sustainable environmental management


Skeptical science - e course reserve

Toolkit to combat trafficking in persons

Journal of pacific studies

Don Norman's jnd website - The design of future things (book)

Book publishers and distributors Aotearoa New Zealand

Ko wai ka hua Black Katz salute the 28th (NZ) MÄori Battalion

Nexus archives

Nexus issues

Advisory Letter - Advisory Council on International Affairs

International Journal of advertising

Media law journal blog

Journal and proceedings of the Royal Society of New South Wales

Biology of exercise

Californian Journal of Health Promotion

E-Fabulations e-journal of Children's Literature

International Journal of Cyber Criminology

Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research

Current Issues In Economics And Finance

International journal for equity and innovation in early childhood

Reference Global

Resistance Studies magazine

Answering the climate change sceptics

Less Lethal

Cartographic activities in New Zealand 1999-2003 National report to the 12th General Assembly of ICA

Australian dictionary of biography (ADB Online)

Annual report to the Minister Responsible for the National Library

Organic Explorer

How do policy and information shocks impact co-movements of China's t-bond and stock markets

Development Bulletin - Australian Development Studies Network

Positions East Asia Cultures Critique

Social Science History

Philosophical Review

Deutschland magazine


Monitoring the health of New Zealand children and young people

Drug & alcohol awareness


Why a fast-food tax won't reduce obesity

Cutting the Fat

Theory and practice of online learning

Annual Report New Zealand Mountain Safety Council

Zero Waste Update

Breast Cancer a guide for women with breast cancer

A convenient untruth Towards a lighter agricultural footprint

The attitudes and knowledge of retail sector staff to selling tobacco products

Animal Science Papers and Reports

Asian Social Science


Chinese journal of lung cancer


Informal logic

International agrophysics

International Journal of Business and Management


Journal of Health Informatics in Developing Countries

Journal of the Indian Academy of Geriatrics

Psychology Science Quarterly

School Community Journal

Science in school

Economic Analysis and Policy

Knowledge politics quarterly

Michigan Discussions in Anthropology

Music & Politics

Optometry and Vision Development

Participation in anti-poverty and regeneration work and research

Biotechnology Learning Hub

Techlink - MOE

LeadSpace - MOE

OPSI Office of Public Sector Information

Asia diuisa nelle sue parti secondo lo stato presente - Maps of the East Indies

Student fees page e reserve

Health and human rights journal



Society and environment report The Warehouse

Invention to profit

Irish eyes are watching - e course reserve

Aid works - Why New Zealand aid is effective

Nga Toa

Solutions to the methamphetamine crisis in New Zealand

We feed the world

2005 new dietary guidelines


UNHCR newsletter

New Zealand Map Society

Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

Annual Review of Critical Psychology

Conservation Evidence

Journal of Human Sport and Exercise

Journal of Transport and Land Use

Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine


Bifrost Journal of Social Science


New Zealand lawyer



Lifestyle diseases and economic development

Vaccination the hidden facts - e course reserve

Prejudice against redheads - e course reserve

Is gingerism as bad as racism - e course reserve

Red hair bullying cases could end up in court - e course reserve

Drug Design, Development and Therapy


Prejudice against blondes - e course reserve

Weekly Report

Homeopathic alternatives to vaccines - e course reserve


Current Geographical Publications

Abolishing corporal punishment of children : questions and answers

Communities journeying towards sustainability case studies from New Zealand, Canada and Ireland

Normal humanness, change and power in human assisted reproductive technology

Connecting the clouds

Physics of music support material

at MCH

Best Design Awards website


New Zealand public health surveillance report


Social geography

Latex for fun project website

Kaikohe demolition


Canadian human rights reporter

Blood on the coal

Te Awanui Tauranga Harbour iwi management plan 2008

Child education plus

Business intelligence journal

Urban library journal

Childhoods today

Journal of geosciences

Jury Expert

Phenomenology & Practice

Philosophical Frontiers A Journal of Emerging Thought

Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience

Mediterranean Marine Science

PAGES news


Towards a safer New Zealand

Transitioning climate change and peak oil for New Zealanders


LINZ Nutrition and Activity Research Unit

Asia-Pacific defence reporter


Earth magazine (previously geotimes)

Kai Korero

Social work notice board

RMA link

IGES white paper

IGES enviroscope

Sound barrier music of New Zealand - publisher site

Spasifik mag

Oral tradition journal

Expert seminar : migration and the environment

Everything you need to know from your backyard to the galaxies by Simon Eliot

Taylor and Francis ebooks

Research paper series University of Melbourne. Dept. of Accounting and Business Information Systems


Maori television annual report

Electronic recordkeeping metadata standard

Recent trends in illegal drug markets in New Zealand 2005-2007

Serbian Journal of Sports Sciences

Advances in Social Work

Health Reports

Hong Kong Journal of Paediatrics

International Diabetes Monitor

Journal of Unschooling and Alternative Learning

Organic Communications

Research and Issues in Music Education

Baldwin online children's literature project

ScriptWriter TwelvePoint

Journal of the Asia Pacific Centre for Environmental Accountability

Defence long-term development plan

Te kaharoa

NZ art monthly

NZ university library statistics

Canterbury IR

Journal of distance education

Relations Industrielles


Multi : the RIT journal of plurality and diversity in design

OAtube Nanotechnology


Catalan Journal of Linguistics

Water Alternatives

Bilingual family newsletter

Picosearch (for bilingual family newsletter)

JAC Journal of composition theory

Building research capability

New Zealand - China FTA fact sheet

Who gets born june 2008

Publications of the National Advisory Council on the Employment of Women

History of graffiti art

Teaching Times Library

E-learning today

Junk to funk - sound recording

Aspeers : Emerging Voices in American Studies

Progress In Electromagnetics Research B

Intellectual property and technology forum

Challenges ahead: climate change, peak oil, & New Zealand

Land Environment and People research report

Te kakara o te hinu raukawa

Latin-American Journal of Physics Education

JCT - Journal of curriculum theorizing

JCT online

Treasures of the sea

Dictionary of Canadian biography online

Look and look again

Foreshore and seabed

Te tai haruru - Journal of Maori legal writing

American Statistician

Australian intellectual property journal

Research and Practice in Technology Enhanced Learning

Coming to grips with malaria (UN)


In my shoes documentary


Eye of the Heart : A Journal of Traditional Wisdom

Global health action

Ethicomp Journal

global-e : a Global Studies Journal

International journal of advanced robotic systems

Pharmaceutical Reviews

Plant Omics

tripleC : Open Access Journal for a Global Sustainable Information Society

Zoologische Mededelingen

American Theological Inquiry

BMB reports



Scripta Geologica

College of the Bahamas Research Journal

World Cat

Learning technology

Great Wellington plans

Creative NZ

Charities Commission



Office for disabilities studies

Journal of small business JSBE

Genetics selection evolution

Journal of Identity and Migration Studies

Management & Marketing

Review of Economic Research on Copyright Issues

Alcohol sponsorship in New Zealand research report

DairyBase economic survey

New Zealand recreational river use study

Earth sciences research journal

TESL-EJ teaching English as a second or foreign language

Public administration and management

Tropical Conservation Science

Tropical conservation science new

Age-structural transitions challenges for development

Australian map circle newsletter

Koia Koia

Annual report New Zealand Pork Industry

Geology ISSN 0091-7613


GSA bulletin

GSA Today

GSA publications

Vision matauranga

New Zealand journal of tertiary education policy

Good Teacher

Ed media

Annual report Independent Police Conduct Authority

Questions and answers on 1080

Publications of the Modern Language Association of America

New Zealand Education Review

New Zealand Education Review

International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring

Journal of Educational Evaluation for Health Professions

Caucasian Review of International Affairs

Mentor An Academic Advising Journal

Optimum Online Journal of Public Sector Management

Revista de Contabilidad Spanish Accounting Review

Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education

Catholic social science review

International Journal of Physiology, Pathophysiology and Pharmacology

Conflict & Communication Online

New Zealand dairy statistics zmags viewer



Lawbook co

Food for sport nutrition information

E learning in industry

Journal of range management


The economic relationship between trade and immigration in New Zealand

Women's studies journal

Info career trends

Debating Swedish Language politics and ideology in contemporary Sweden

Stockholm university portal

Corporate profile Generating and applying new knowledge to make a difference for our nation

Aotearoa earth and sky

Shiny happy users

Mechanical engineering (part of ASME package)

AAPG bulletin

Annual report / New Zealand National Commission for UNESCO

Be a smart investor

Game developer

Journal of e-Media Studies

Theoretical and Empirical Researches in Urban Management

Online Journal of Rural Research & Policy

Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research

Studia Philosophica Estonica

International Journal of Soil, Sediment and Water

Madagascar Conservation & Development

Public Relations Journal

Chinese Southern Diaspora Studies

Brazilian Journalism Research

Southern African Business Review

Verniana : Jules Verne Studies/Etudes Jules Verne

Gender Forum

Citius Altius Fortius

Journal of public transportation

Revista brasileira de paleontologia

LEARNing Landscapes

non-profit sector bibliography

Review / New Zealand Business Council for Sustainable Development / annual review

The Scope

Journal of park and recreation administration

Smithsonian contributions to zoology

Work-life balance

Royal Commission on Auckland Governance

SPINZ newsletter

PCE news

International journal of mass emergencies and disasters

Pacific economic bulletin

DOVE medical press journals


AUCO Czech Economic Review

Green theory & praxis

Traitement Automatique des Langues


Journal of Threatened Taxa



Transnational Curriculum Inquiry

Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics

Current Zoology

New Zealand refugee law

Journal of scholarship of teaching and learning

Journal of Neuroscience

Highlights from the new zealand positive ageing strategy

Hispanic Issues On Line

Journal of Information and Organizational Sciences

Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine

Lung India

American Studies Journal

Essex Human Rights Review

IETE Technical Review

International Journal of Teacher Leadership

Mathematical and Computational Forestry & Natural-Resource Sciences

International Journal of Intelligent Control and Systems

Baltic International Yearbook of Cognition, Logic and Communication

Human genomics and proteomics

Journal of Writing Research

Journal of Automation, Mobile Robotics & Intelligent Systems

Mediterranean Journal of Educational Studies

Transformative Works and Cultures

Science of Tsunami Hazards

Technology Interface Journal

Encyclopaedia Britannica School Edition

Pioneer land surveyors of New Zealand

Annual reports of National Archives of Australia and National Archives of Australia Advisory Council

Le francais en Afrique

NZ ephemerist

Protection of private property rights and just compensation

From cowtown to wowtown

The challenges in building a new Fiji

DigitalNZ helping to make New Zealand digital content easier to find, share & use

Annual Report Metservice

Proquest RSS feeds

Hulili multidisciplinary research on Hawaiian well-being

Human rights of anti-terrorism

Progress of the world's women 2008/2009

Child care transition

International Journal for Researcher Development

Art and Research

Bulletin of Mathematical Analysis and Applications


Dossiers du Grihl

Journal of Computer Science & Systems Biology

Crimes and Misdemeanours

Global Media Journal Canadian Edition

Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management

Design and Technology Education An International Journal

Journal of Alternative Perspectives in the Social Sciences

Python Papers

Catalan Historical Review

Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs

Libertarian Papers

Amsterdam Law Forum

Gottingen Journal of International Law

Arquipelago Life and Marine Sciences

Anthropology Matters Journal

Conservation Science in Cultural Heritage

Product Management & Development

Wide Screen

2008 Kids Count essay and data brief

Investing making your money work for you

Pupils with cancer

Abstracting Oral Histories

EM-DAT Emergency events database

It's illegal R18 means R18

White ensign magazine

Journal of primary health care

Digital Culture & Education

Sage ereference

AFS Online Journals

Journal of Archaeology in the Low Countries

Journal of Marxism and Interdisciplinary Inquiry


Electronic Book Review

Journal of Bioequivalence & Bioavailability

Theological librarianship

Crop Breeding and Applied Biotechnology

Music and Arts in Action

Global Media Journal African Edition

International Journal of Advanced Corporate Learning

Journal of the Canadian Health Libraries Association

International Journal of Biometric and Bioinformatics

Spontaneous Generations


Journal of Academic and Business Ethics

International Journal of Mormon Studies



American Civil Liberties Union archives

Conversations, identity 4 artists 4 voices

He puranga takupu a Taranaki 2008


New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science

European respiratory review

Distributed leadership Full report

An approximate algorithm for solving shortest path problems for mobile robots or driver assistance

Energy use in New Zealand households

Annual report for the year ended 30 June Thames-Coromandel District Council

Whanau identity and whanau development are interdependent

Michael King Writers' Centre


Foreign Policy

Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology

Brock review


S : Journal of the Jan van Eyck Circle for Lacanian Ideology Critique

Collaborative librarianship

Ovidius University Annals Series Physical Education and Sport/Science movement and health

Greening of free trade (thesis)

2008-2012, rights and freedom gone

Postfrontier blues toward a new policy framework for Northeast India

NZ on Air

Computer World NZ

Embedding adult literacy in a sense of community

Explanatory foreword to engagement standards

Literacy learning progressions

Research e-labs

Contribution of non-government organisations to the settlement of refugees and migrants

LOC publisher description


Climate Change and Migration

New Zealand biotechnology industry growth report

Blood journal

Journal of physiology

Transactions on Data Privacy

Mires and Peat


Ajis : Australasian Journal of Information Systems

Signs : International Journal of Semiotics

School of Doctoral Studies Journal

Rule : reforming water governance

Environmental hazards

Journal of cell biology

Fist full of tears



Feminist Periodicals

Animation Studies

Journal of New Frontiers in Spatial Concepts

Journal of King Abduaziz University : Engineering Sciences

Journal of Aboriginal health

Atmospheric Measurement Techniques

Atmospheric Measurement Techniques Discussions

Civil Engineering Dimension

Canadian Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences

Drinking Water Engineering and Science

Archives of family medicine

Arteriosclerosis a journal of vascular biology and disease

Biology of reproduction

British journal of orthodontics

British journal of psychiatry

British journal of radiology

Bulletin of the Wildlife Disease Association

Canadian family physician

Cancer research

Circulation journal of the American Heart Association

Cleveland Clinic journal of medicine

Clinical cancer research

Clinical journal of the American Society of Nephrology

Diseases of the chest

Drug metabolism and disposition

Endocrine-related cancer


European journal of endocrinology

European respiratory journal

FASEB journal

Genes & development

Genome research




Interactive cardiovascular and thoracic surgery

Investigative ophthalmology

Journal of andrology

Journal of clinical endocrinology & metabolism

Journal of clinical nutrition

Journal of dental education

Journal of endocrinology

Journal of experimental medicine

Journal of general physiology

Journal of general virology

Journal of histochemistry and cytochemistry

Journal of immunology

Journal of leukocyte biology

Journal of medical microbiology

Journal of molecular diagnostics

Journal of molecular endocrinology

Journal of oncology practice

Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics

Journal of reproduction and fertility

Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine

Journal of the American College of Nutrition

Journal of the American Dental Association

Journal of the American Osteopathic Association

Journal of the American Society of Nephrology

Journal of veterinary diagnostic investigation

Learning & memory


Molecular & cellular proteomics

Molecular biology of the cell

Molecular cancer research

Molecular cancer therapeutics

Molecular endocrinology

Molecular interventions

Molecular pharmacology

Obstetricians & Gynaecologists

Peritoneal dialysis international

Proceedings of the American Thoracic Society

Psychiatric bulletin

Psychiatric news

Psychosomatic medicine

Quarterly journal of experimental physiology



Recent progress in hormone research


Science of aging knowledge environment


Employment law for non-specialists TOC

Journal of bone and joint surgery

Journal of nuclear medicine

Journal of applied poultry research

Annals of internal medicine

Clinical and diagnostic laboratory immunology

Anesthesia & analgesia

Endocrine reviews

Pharmacological reviews

Veterinary pathology

IBMS boneKEy

Pathology patterns reviews

American journal of pathology

Agronomy journal

Soil Science Society of America journal

Plant genome

JAMA CareerNet

Carlyle letters online

AAP policy


Journal of renewable and sustainable energy

Future seas scenario planning and the establishment of a marine reserve network

Journal of animal science

American journal of public health


Circulation research journal of the American Heart Association

Review of energy courses in New Zealand universities

Knowledge notes

CERN courier

China Pictorial

Fujitsu scientific & technical journal

Philanthropy News

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems

Aestimatio : Critical Reviews in the History of Science

Asian Journal of Finance & Accounting

Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research

Community action toolkit to prevent family violence

Greening of Southie

Greening of Southie publisher site

Land rights news

Discovering statistics using SPSS (SAGE companion website)

Annual report - Victim support

Annual report - Institute of Judicial Studies

Te ara whakatika

Human Development Report UN

Natural hazards observer

Annual Review New Zealand Seafood Industry

World Today

World Today archive

Nonlinear processes in geophysics

A national sustainable development strategy

Special education policy

Breakout database

New Zealand Sociology

Human geography 1942-7786

International journal of sociology of agriculture and food

Information technologies and international development

International journal of community music

Tate papers

Journal of multidisciplinary evaluation

Advances in psychiatric treatment

Quest 3 Reading and writing EZ test testing software - support center

Gold songs of the New Zealand diggings for baritone and piano

Annales geophysicae

Thermal science

Thermal science redirect

Gender forum

Serbian journal of sports sciences


Healthcare review online

Cardiff Corvey

South African Journal of Information Management

49th Parallel

Papers: Explorations into children's literature

Taiwan Today

Annual Report Royal New Zealand Plunket Society

Vulnerability report New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services


Generation reo

Rules of the Sports Tribunal of New Zealand

Environment and Nature in New Zealand journal

ENNZ Environment and Nature in New Zealand

Times archive

National library archived links

Inland Revenue Department Managing tax debt

Aquaculture New Zealand research strategy

Highlights Agresearch

GST: Accounting for land and other high-value assets

2025 Taskforce

Itinerary and Acta of George Augustus Selwyn, Bishop of New Zealand

Times centenary (historical) archive

Excising excess: options for using alcohol taxes to reduce New Zealanders' harmful drinking

Future proofing

Your life is in your hands

New Zealand Local Councils

New Zealand Planning Institute

Journal of Pacific Archaeology

British Psychological Society

Asian cardiovascular & thoracic annals (SAGE premier 2010)

Publication manual of the American Psychological Association supplement APA

Bungei shunju (Table of contents)

New Zealand Mathematical Society Newsletter

Prevention of cervical cancer

Banking and finance review

EPJ Web of Conferences

Spaces for Difference : an Interdisciplinary Journal

Neues Curriculum

Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science

Childhood in Africa: An Interdisciplinary Journal

Psychiatric Services

Southern Ocean Review

Consumer information on biofuel sustainability options for informing consumers on biofuel sustainability

Current research in jazz

Journal of Computing and Information Technology

AEA web (American Economic Association)

Bulletin of the Council for Research in Music Education

Graduate Journal of Social Science

Nati link online

Pacific adaptationto climate change Nauru : report of in-country consultations

Periodical Archives Online (Collection 1 - 8 inclusive)

Australian and New Zealand journal of psychiatry

NZ On Screen

American philosophical quarterly (University of Illinois)

History of philosophy quarterly (University of Illinois)

JEGP - Journal of English and Germanic philology (University of Illinois)

Journal of seventeenth-century music

World History Connected

Scottish historical review

Katherine Mansfield Studies (EUP publishing)

Women In Action

Feminae: Medieval Women and Gender Index

Auckland Governance Arrangements

Newsletter - New Zealand Statistical Association

World Bank Data

Australian and New Zealand journal of European studies

International Studies Encyclopedia Blackwell Wiley

Review / New Zealand Business & Parliament Trust

Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society

Sinks, biodiversity and forests

In their own right: women and higher education in New Zealand before 1945

Current Index to Statistics

Indigenous Language Revitalization

Asset management for public entities learning from local government examples

Poetry Notes

National conversation about work : Waikato regional report

Attention, perception & psychophysics - Psychonomic Society Publications

Memory & cognition - Psychonomic Society Publications

Cognitive, affective, & behavioral neuroscience - Psychonomic Society Publications

Learning & behavior - Psychonomic Society Publications

Literature review : understanding literacy and health

Association for Social Anthropology in Oceania newsletter

Impact of digital technology

Enviroschools learning for a sustainable future

Self healing materials : an alternative approach to 20 centuries of materials science (extras)

New Zealand Journal of Psychology

Seminar Series - Media Centre Nga pae o te Maramatanga

Studies in interreligious dialogue

Clinical chemistry

Tomorrow's schools: 20 years on

Newsletter - Geoscience Society of New Zealand

Fertiliser use on New Zealand dairy farms


International journal of government auditing

Current Account - Banking Ombudsman newsletter

Business Week

New Zealand Institute of Economic Research

Discussion paper / Australian National University, Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research


Statistics for economics, accounting and business studies

Panache design, achievement and unit standard practice in ICT for year 11


Compendium of New Zealand farm facts

Let's Porse magazine

Te Tahuanui Ngati Hikairo heritage management plan 2010

Tuatua tika straight talk about Pacific peoples and smoking Pacific tobacco control report 2010

Community outcomes Waikato summary report

New Zealand maritime record

Young people's use of entertainment mediums, 2010

Cartwright comes of age

James Smith Cree Nation : report on IR 100A

Disease models & mechanisms DMM

Celebrating our native plant life

New Zealand advantage private equity & venture capital investment in New Zealand

Climate change adaptation in New Zealand

AM Digital

Talking the walk

Freshwater Reviews

Newsletter IEA Clean Coal Centre

Blackwell Reference Online

Annual report (Office of the Banking Ombudsman)

The future is here: climate change in the Pacific

Annual report Zespri Group Ltd

Issues & studies

Inspired by technology, driven by pedagogy

He kohikohinga rangahau = A bibliography of Maori and psychology research

The power of video studies in investigating teaching and learning in the classroom TOC ONLY

Alberta journal of educational research

General disclosure statement / Westpac Banking Corporation

ANZ National Bank Limited Group general short form disclosure statement

California Management Review

Philosophy Now

Trends in wellbeing for Maori households/families 1981-2006

Quantitative Economics

Alpine Energy / Annual report

ASTM Standards

ANSTO / Annual report

New Zealand Refining Company / Annual report

Pacific Business Trust / Annual report

A report into aged care : what does the future hold for older New Zealanders?

Leadership Pacific

AlterNative: An International Journal of Indigenous Scholarship

Watercare Services LTD / Annual report

Trade Law Guide

New Zealand journal of physiotherapy

Journal of applied sciences research

Tauranga Harbour sediment study. Implementation and calibration of the USC-3 model

Benthic biodiversity of seven seamounts at the southern end of the Kermadec volcanic arc, northeast New Zealand

Mining the social web

Writing and Illustrating for Children

India Perspectives

Marketing scales handbook. Volume 5 : a compilation of multi-item measures for consumer behavior & advertising research

Lignite and climate change: the high cost of low grade coal

Shifting Maori health needs

Trust the Treaty / Bert Jackson

Wild About New Zealand

Education Aotearoa

Annual plan / Waitomo District Council

Annual report / Whanganui District Health Board

Ethical Space

Welfare justice for all

Introduction to the hospitality industry - Wiley image catalog

Annals of long-term care

Teaching philosophy

Growing up in New Zealand

Review of the MÄori language sector and the MÄori language strategy

A review of statistical methods used to assess probabilistic hazard in monogenetic basaltic fields

A guide to the Australian government

Classification and output of multiple ethnicities : considerations for monitoring Maori health

Annual report / Ruapehu District Council

Statement of intent / New Zealand Lotteries Commission

Annual Plan / South Waikato District Council

Annual report / Government Communications Security Bureau

He tirohanga a snapshot of the CNI Iwi Collective June 2009

Teaching number sense and algebraic thinking


Working life

Bulletin / Christchurch Art Gallery

Socialist review

State, Society and Governance in Melanesia

History of Cartography

DEANZ magazine

Annual report / Infratil

Annual report / New Zealand Olympic Committee

Urban property sales statistics - Quotable Value (QV)

Newsletter / Labour History Project (NZ)

Focus on law studies

Coordination polymers : design, analysis and application [link is for Cover]

Electoral systems : a comparative introduction [link is for Cover]

Development Asia

Current chemical genomics

Indian journal of endocrinology and metabolism

Markets and government before, during, and after the 2007-20XX crisis

There once was an island

Reclaiming female agency : feminist art history after postmodernism

AA travel

International journal of communications law and policy

Journal of information technology in construction

Journal of social, evolutionary & cultural psychology

Africa water atlas

Implementing climate change policy

Stories from the migrating kitchen

Optimal Strategies in Sports Economics and Management

Intellectual property and the safeguarding of traditional cultures

E-journal of studies in music education (previously Sound Ideas)

Keeping kids safe at home, at play and on the road campaign report 2009/10

Criminal injustice and the proposed "three strikes" law

Hei tikitiki : MÄori rites of passage & youth development research project

Into the future : shared services in the New Zealand not for profit sector

Australasian journal of market and social research

Calendar / The University of Auckland

Natural hazards and earth system sciences

Journal of the North American Benthological Society


Advances in difference equations

EURASIP journal on wireless communications and networking

Boundary value problems

International journal of zoological research

EURASIP journal on embedded systems

Office of the Ombudsmen / Statement of intent

Statement of intent / Legal Services Agency

International Journal of Event Management Research

Journal of waterway, port, coastal, and ocean engineering / American Society of Civil Engineers

EURASIP journal on image and video processing

Cities and the Environment

Indigenous Education Research Database (IERD)

Pacific women's watch / Annual conference

World development report

Antarctica New Zealand / Statement of Intent

One country


Evaluation of Mental Health/Primary Care Shared Services

Guidelines for researchers on health research involving Maori

Personal memoir of David Mitchell

Michael Hill International Limited / Annual report

Skellerup Holdings Limited / Annual report

Unison Networks Limited / Annual report

Port of Tauranga / Annual report

Oversight review of NZX

19th World Congress of Soil Science

Maui : one man against the Gods

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People New Zealand : research report

Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 : competence review process

Tourism Holdings Limited / Annual report

Experiences of teaching faculty enrolled in the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand's Certificate in Designing and Facilitating E-learning

Eat your colours every day vegetables

Newsletter / New Zealand Statistical Association

Evaluation of the WhÄnau Ora MÄori Community Health Worker Service

New Zealand outdoor access code

New Zealand Fencible Society Incorporated

Wealth beneath our feet

New Zealand - China free trade agreement (and associated instruments): national interest analysis.

Self and the city

He kupu / The word

Dear Mr. Hansen : creating a family tree for the first family

East Asian History (Canberra)

Antarctic climate change and the environment

Population census / Cook Islands

New Zealand engineering news

Hydrocomplexity : new tools for solving wicked water problems

The Great Wrong War / Endnotes

Indigenous children's education as linguistic genocide and a crime against humanity? : a global view

Eliminating nuclear threats : a practical agenda for global policymakers

An Introduction to Criminal and Civil Law / Program support notes

Publikacije ElektrotehniÄkog fakulteta

IASSIST quarterly

Studies on Asia

Re-constructing emotional spaces from experience to regulation

Web analytics : an hour a day

Social report / Regional indicators

Report of the Cadastral Surveyors Licensing Board of New Zealand

Starting points? : a discussion of contemporary Maori society

Women in science: a 2011 snapshot

Companion animals in New Zealand

Eradicating child poverty in New Zealand

Maori maps

Measuring social inclusion : people with experience of mental distress and addiction

Regional policy statement for Taranaki

Lloyd's maritime and commercial law quarterly

Annals of thoracic surgery

American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine

American journal of respiratory cell and molecular biology

Experimental biology and medicine

Anticancer research

Cancer genomics & proteomics

In vivo

Hort technology

Diabetes care

Middle East Review of International Affairs

economic geology

Journal of language contact

JACC. Cardiovascular imaging

JACC. Cardiovascular interventions

Brief report of the Federal Government of Canada's residential school system for Inuit

Enhancing the Engagement and Success of Distance Students Through Targeted Support

Get firewise year 1 and 2

New Zealand Post Book Awards

Porirua City Council / Annual report


Rural Equities Ltd / Annual report

100 Companies

Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science

Greenhouse news

Otago Voyager Sites

Beijing review

Women of China

Curriculum perspectives

Journal of marketing

Media International Australia

Anthropology online - trial - expires 24 Feb. 2012

KiwiSaver or KiwiSucker?

School community journal


Dairy farming grazing management practices in the Waikato Region

Credit reporting privacy code 2004

News media meets "new media"

Reference guides : Archives New Zealand

New Zealand Freshwater Sciences Society newsletter

Code of ethics for youth work in Aotearoa New Zealand

Connecting cultures

Journal of management accounting research

European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery

Garnaut review 2011

Guide to judicial conduct

Prosecuting international crimes in Africa

International encyclopedia of communication

Journal of Historical Biography

Mathematics teaching

Effective programmes for youth at risk of continued and serious offending

Investigation into the use of point-to-point speed cameras

Manaaki Taha Moana

New Zealand state services integrity and conduct survey

Journal of sport history

Kiwi Research Information Service

Conference proceedings. NZARE Conference & Annual Meeting.


Pacific-Asian education

Revista Iberoamerica

Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy

Family matters

New voices

Maori legends for young New Zealanders

A guide to classifying land for forestry in the emissions trading scheme

Whole-of-government biosecurity response guide

Tongariro journal

Annual report / New Zealand Post Group

Useful guide library

Contributions to discrete mathematics

Crimes and misdemeanours


Advances in nutrition

Biology open

Journal of the American Heart Association

Future perfect, conditional = Waheke otinga ahuaranga : Fifth National Conference on Community Languages and English for Speakers of Other Languages.


Journal of geoscience education

Journal of geological education

Native studies review

Australian Journal of Teacher Education

Beyond Edge City

Bakkie, braai and beorewors


Focus on Pacific nutrition

Journal of Management & Organization

Annual abstract of statistics

Riff raff

Annual report / Alliance Group

Annual Report / Levy Economics Institute

Te Hookioi

Earth sciences research journal

Journal of Bhutan studies

Bridging education in New Zealand

European picture book collection

T + D

Hamilton city map & index 2009


Gaming funding into the sport and recreation sector, 2007

Ethics and global politics

Journal of women's health

Journal of engineering education

DE : magazin Deutschland

Progress in electromagnetics research B. Pier B

Annals of clinical & laboratory science

Australian journal of emergency management


Westminster papers in communication and culture

Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law online

Improving the transition : reducing social and psychological morbidity during adolescence

Beyond Rio New Zealand's environmental record since the original earth summit

Kiwi orienteering coaching manual

Charming places to stay in New Zealand

GEMA online journal of language studies

Australian journal of basic and applied sciences

Sport, recreation and physical activity participation among New Zealand adults

Cybergeo revue européenne de géographie = European journal of geography.

Wm Colenso a celebration of his life and ideas

Report of the New Zealand Fish and Game Council

Report of the Nelson-Marlborough Fish and Game Council

Report of the Taranaki Fish and Game Council

Annual report / Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand

Annual report / University of Auckland

Report of the Gambling Commission

Adults learning

Adults learning

Information Technology and Libraries

Tensoes Mundiais

Forests and climate change after Copenhagen : an Asia-Pacific perspective

DOC news

Cultural identity theory

Research / University of Canterbury

New Zealand population review



KiwiSaver: four years on

Annual report / Broadcasting Standards Authority

Journal of fluids engineering

OFID Quarterly

Statement of intent / NZ on Air

Fast track teacher education : a review of the research literature on Teach For All schemes

Enhancing values for New Zealand farmers by improving the value chain


Better lives

MMP review


Regional transport targets for sustainable transportation in New Zealand

Impacts of oil prices on New Zealand tourism

College & research libraries news

SIPRI Yearbook

Role of companion animals in counseling and psychology

Journal of environmental quality

Advanced Composite Materials

New Zealand Exchange Limited / Annual Report

Journal of vision

Community Law Manual

Asia Pacific Mathematics Newsletter


Australian commodity statistics


Public's right to know

Tihei mauri tipu

Experimental poetics and aesthetics

New Zealand memories

New Zealand natural sciences journal

The state of the constitutional review, as at June 2012

APA PsycNET platform


Local webpages

Journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery

Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine

Laboratory animals

Concerned about someone's drinking?

Financial Analysts Journal

Electronics letters

Yale law journal

Model financial statements

School community journal


Journal of spatial hydrology

Journal of gambling issues


Otorohanga District Council / Annual plan

Auckland War Memorial Museum / Annual report

Families Commission / Annual report

Gay and Lesbian Issues and Psychology Review

Lyttelton Port Company Limited / Annual report

Contact / Annual report

Mowbray Collectables Group / Annual report

CAUL statistics

Tourism recreation research

Highly effective leadership in children's centres

Harvard Environmental law review

When my home shook

Journal of institutional research, South East Asia

Asia Pacific journal of arts and cultural management

Journal of animal science

Poultry Science

College and research libraries

Where is Aunty?

Taupo-nui-a-tia action plan

Library philosophy and practice

JRSM Short reports

Cases, materials and text on national, supranational and international property law

Treasures IV

Journal of comparative family studies

International electronic journal for leadership in learning IEJLL

Southwest journal of criminal justice

Journal of applied sciences research

Queensland Country Life

Electrochemical and solid-state letters

Environment matters

Advanced Ordinary Differential Equations

Journal of park and recreation administration

Status of Marae in 2009


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