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Achieve all-around English fluency with this complete, in-depth learning system. Learn To Speak English Version 8.1 is a four CD-ROM set containing four courses with over 100 exercises and covering topics such as basics, travel, business, and everyday. Build skills in pronunciation, vocabulary, listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammar. Using a unique personalized learning system, you will have custom instruction tailored to suit your study needs.


  • 100+ lessons
  • Talking dictionary with 10,000+ words
  • Additional Internet lessons
  • Pre-assessment test
  • Adjustable study plan
  • Progress tracking


Product Description


See it Hear it Say it - An Effective Way to LearnEnglishProduct InformationLearn to Speak English is your plete interactive foreign language learningsolution. It offers you a plete in-depth learning system toachieve all-around English fluency. Unique “real-world” conversationsimulations speech recognition and record/playback enhance your learningexperience as you converse and pare your pronunciation to native speakers. You can click on the word you want to learnclick on a button to record your voice watch the pronunciation gauge to checkyour progress review useful vocabulary notes hear the speaker use the word in asentence and so much more! Learn to Speak helps build English fluencyfrom listening and speaking to reading and writing.Categories Pronunciation Vocabulary Listening Speaking Reading Writing Grammar Product HighlightsBuild VocabularyStart by hearing and learning basic words and then build to phrases. Extensivevocabulary and grammar sections reinforce learning.Have Fun!Play challenging and entertaining games or puzzles to reinforce yourunderstanding of the language.Navigate EasilyTravel throughout the program with the simple click of a mouse.Tailor to Your NeedsSelect an extended course to concentrate on the areas that interest you most -travel business or everyday life.Start TalkingMaster speaking and listening skills by participating in real-world conversationsimulations.Discover U.S.A.Enhance your experience and gain insight into the history culture and peopleby viewing different cultural movies.Product Features Speech Recognition (Record playback and pare your voice to a native speaker's. Watch your accent improve as Learn to Speak evaluates your pronunciation. Pre-assessment Test (Determine your skill level and the best place to start learning.) Technology * Voice Recording and Playback * Adjustable Study Plan (Create a study plan based on your schedule.) Progress Tracking (Monitor y




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