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تمامی مطالب نوشته شده توسط aa1343

  1. aa1343

    Asian Institute of Technology Library

  2. aa1343

    NIH Library Ez

    really thanks bro
  3. aa1343

    Another Otter (Otterbein University

    http://ezproxy2.otterbein.edu/login http://ezproxy2.otterbein.edu/logout Original....Limit 3 user
  4. aa1343


  5. aa1343

    University of California, San Diego

    library database: (دیتابیس بسیار خوب) https://libraries.uc...s/databases-a-z to be more alive..please only three person reply
  6. aa1343

    University of Malakand

    Library link: http://www.uom.edu.pk/digitallibrary.php Digital Library Links AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF PHYSICS TEACHERS ASSOCIATION OF COMPUTING MACHINERY (ACM) EBRARY EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY PRESS ESDU - Engineering Solutions for Academia ESDU collection is based on industry standard tools and software as part of teaching and research projects. ESDU provide validated design guides, introductions, methods, data and software used in Industry and suitable for simple, rapid inclusion in these engineering programs: (More Info...) • Aerospace Engineering • Civil Engineering • Chemical Engineering • Material Science • Mechanical Engineering • Process Engineering • Structural Engineering MCGRAW HILL COLLECTIONS PROJECT MUSE SPRINGERLINK Kluwer Academic Publishing. TAYLOR & FRANCIS Journals WILEY-BLACKWELL JOURNALS FREE MEDICAL JOURNALS
  7. aa1343

    Universidade Federal da Grande Dourados

    Library link: http://www.ufgd.edu.br/biblioteca http://portalnuclear.cnen.gov.br/livre/Inicial.asp Access: SD:6593 title found ASTM standards IEEE ACM IOP WIley Nuclear based Articles!! ..........
  8. aa1343

    Al-Hussein Bin Talal University

    Library Link: http://www.ahu.edu.jo/AHULibrary/en/databas science direct Ebrary EBSCOhost science finder Ulrich IEEE Oxford journals Cambridge Journals
  9. aa1343

    دانشگاه haifa.ac.il

    Login Page: https://ssl.haifa.ac.il/dana-na/auth/url_0/welcome.cgi Auto Proxy: http://www.haifa.ac.il/remote.pac Proxy setting: Md proxy: IEEE, Sciencedirect, springer, wiley و ....
  10. aa1343

    universidad juarez autonoma de tabasco

    Library Databases: http://www.ujat.mx/i...ID=16806&NODO=7 Access to: GALE CENGAGE Learning Ebsco SD Springer Annual Reviews BioOne MathSciNet VLex Elibro SCIENCE AAAs Nature Publishing Group Thomson – Reuters ;;;
  11. aa1343

    University of Patras (GREECE)

    University website:www.upatras.gr/index/index/lang/en university library:http://www.lis.upatras.gr/eSources/index_EN.php library databases and E-resources:http://www.heal-link.gr/journals/en/catsearch.jsp http://www.heal-link.gr/journals/en/alphasearch.jsp SD Wiley Springer IEEE ...... ....
  12. aa1343

    **Elsevier SDOS ejournal**

    ممنونم ولی کامل نیست لطفا اصلاح بفرمایید
  13. aa1343

    **Qatar University**

    ممنونم ولی it is dead
  14. aa1343


    SD:6593 title found
  15. aa1343

    Szeged University

    databases: http://www.bibl.u-szeged.hu/index-ang.html http://ww2.bibl.u-szeged.hu/index.php/en/?lang=en
  16. aa1343

    The University of Texas at Austin Texas

    databases: http://www.lib.utexas.edu/indexes/titles.php?let=I
  17. aa1343


    Databases: http://guides.library.ucla.edu/atoz link:
  18. aa1343

    Tunghai University

  19. دسترسی عالی به Elsevier
  20. لیست databases: http://www.bibliotec...istas/index.php دسترسی مناسب بهIEEE